Title: To Ilanit

Hi Ilanit

I have moments too that seem to string together and weave into my life.
I particularly like weaving with others, making a living collaborative tapestry.

Aren't we so entangled [in 2nd nature, in the stories we presume,]
that when we try to untangle ourselves, we weave another mesh?

It looks like I will be going to Israel in 2 months with Mayah, my daughter.
There is a background story to this schedule but I won't indulge with it now.

I like that you share your story, that's how I found you, you were so bold.
I haven't really found you but I make pretend I have, because it pleases me.

Perhaps this flattery... of myself and of you, will be judged, a little immature?
I just looked up 'immature' in the dictionary (which maybe a little over mature).

Here's my thoughts on revolving round a real centre, I call this "being ripe".
It comes from the ancient Biblical narrative, from the Garden of Eden story.
[See Bereshit [Genesis] Chapter 2]

"You may eat of any fruit and from all the trees in the garden...
but of the tree (in the centre of the garden, the tree of life and) of knowledge,
of good and evil, do not eat, for on the day you eat from it, you will surely die."

The Tree of LIFE refers to "being" inherent and instinctive, "being ripe".
While Knowledge refers to "experimental" experience, over ripe and under ripe.
Dying then refers to existential confusion, in confusing ripeness with not ripe.

I enjoy getting involved and making up stories about our making up stories together.
I enjoy weaving with freedom, free authorship among free members in relationship. has been an interesting experiment in weaving a living tapestry.
It is just getting to the stage where the authors are starting to refer to each other.

Ilanit, do you mind if I post this email to my folder, as I've done more recently?
[Ilanit replies, "Go for it."]

2005 08 24

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