Title: Paradise

Adam and Eve represent ...
Those first to Plant a new garden outside of Eden ...

The tree of life in the centre of the garden ...
represents responding directly with instinct to survive.

The tree of knowledge of good and evil ...
represents experimenting with over ripe and unripe
what will happen if ... the beginning of possibility.

Once the creature chooses to consciously create ...
all of ones moments become an opportunity.

The gates protecting this one from the tree of life ...
when the creation of diversity is continually available
then even harmony in diversity is itself a question, a faith.

When the labour of the new person/society becomes a self making.
The direct experience of reality becomes a Projective Fantasy.
Paradise becomes the realm of GodHead, GodMind, GodBody, GodPlace,
a prior vision of reality, a dreaming sequence, a Primordial Time.

Only the SuperEgo can absolve the ego from the sin of separation.
How might this be revealed? Direct experience of the imagination.

"My God, its full of stars ..." (2001,a space odyssey)

(Late 2002)

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