Title: Lucid Dream

    My hour glass time keeper shows a land full of possible pasts,
    my canoe rigged up on the shore of me, a most evident present,
    unfurls my sails towards a windy ocean of unexplored futures.

    Granular points of view temporarily form my sand castle world view.
    Foamy waves ebb and flow, in moon tides washing away my solar stories.

    At grass root tribal feasts I observe faithful luminous constellations.
    On occasion, I intermarry to establish spice and vineyard trade kingdoms.

    My steady but chaotic phases attract resonant motions of periodic points.
    While Ten Sphirot co-author the interactive apertures of complex systems.

    Harmony beats to finger twangs, vibrating strings and lips blowing reeds.
    Flinging my footing, I undo me, in floor tumbles, I dance a lucid dream.

    Pause a while and breath gently. Time to retire, to bed and to sleep.
    To adventure and to dream, with intention to awake, the lucid in me.


    2005 02 25

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