Title: what's going on, on a BOAT

i would like to discuss a familiar analogy of experience.

imagine a person on a boat on the sea surrounded by wind and sky.

i am holding a constellation of references as my sense of reality.
these are foreground experiences with relation to a background.

i can not fully grasp the relational background elements
until they touch my foreground or my senses and become foreground.

the constellation of references are not an object of unity.
they are referential, mobile, one pattern is buoyant inside another.

each sense, each moment of mind, re - organizes the elements.
yet the boat, the constellation of foreground experiences,
remains in tact and relational, to complimentary references.

there is an ongoing shift of the person on the boat as well.

being at the back of the boat relates to a general orientation.
this orientation is a curious, open discovery, a new way of learning.
being in the mid part of the boat is one of balance and harmony.
being in the fore towards the tip of the boat is one of letting go.

generally as i move through life i will move along my boat shape.
the shape of the boat indicates tendency in my desires in general,
to be focused in the experience of discovery, harmony or release.

i might face aftwards to look at my past of forwards to my future.
i am familiar with the subtle and gross movements of my boat.
i sway with the wind to roll with the waves and currents.

when i become unsettled to the extent i am not familiar,
then the entire constellation of references is a storm.
even if the boat starts to break up on the rocks of distress
i can recover, i can awake from a storm and repair my boat.

i can withdraw to the saloon or inner cabin to shelter and hide.
i can play in the rigging and swing in the canopy to fly a little.
i can swim off my boat and go out of my way all together.


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