Title: Informing consent in society.

    A simple but complex perspective of society...

    We all have various needs based in desire and fear.
    We make choices continuously in regards to these needs.
    We make choices in regards to various means to our needs.
    We develop our various institutions as means to our needs.
    We now construct, restructure and destroy these institutions.
    We often seek our needs directly by way of these institutions.
    We construct, restructure and destroy the means to institution.
    We form the means to inform our consent of likely consequences.
    We form the means to inform our consent of its value alignment.
    We value the alignment as a need, our life and death, and self.

    We value the alignments of need, means, self and society.
    We value the alignments informing consent in our society.

    Even passive consent joins chains of events from and to it.
    What is eating at home or fastfood, burger, fries and soda?
    Alternatively, eating vegetarian and organic food in a cafe.
    Chains of events leading to and from these events are vast.

    This is what I was thinking about while I sat opposite her.
    Do I know her? Why do I feel I'm meant to know her? Now?


    2005 03 06

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