Title: I saw her as i walked into the cafe.

    I saw her as i walked into the cafe. I wanted to put my things down at her table but i would not permit my playful desire to lead me. I sat opposite her, on the other side of the room and entered my imagination. I composed sophisticated ideas in my head, for my imaginary readers. My heart asked of me to invite my mind and body. I grew hot and vital. I sought composure. Often closing my eyes to watch her enter my life. I breathed deeply. I steadied myself. She just kept growing inside me. I asked myself to answer this riddle. Looking at her to come to my aid. Her interactions I wanted for myself. Her smile grew into my own. I observed my posture. I know bravery. I know stupidity. She looks into my face, into my eyes. I too look into our eyes. I hide and reveal at once. I lick my lips as i eat, to prove my involvement in anything other than her interest. I close my eyes as my emotions overwhelm me. My plate slides away. My posture dances awkwardly. I return to my breath. I return to my imagination. I pay her my attention. She moves into strange bravery in to her unchallenged ways. She lays down on the chair beside her. She sits up and takes her pencil and notebook. I sit asking myself to answer my riddle. Do we meet in the present?... Oh, I am shy. She takes her belongings and walks toward me. Oh my god, where are you? I smile into her smile. She makes her way past my table and to the door. I follow her, in my imagination. Can't she feel my eyes on her? I communicate to her, with in my self. Will i see her again?

    2005 03 05

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