* * * * * * *

Being a wise man, Arthur knew
that the welfare of the people in his kingdom
was more important than his personal comfort.

Plus it looked like he had to make a big sacrifice either way.

So in order to preserve the dignity of the Round Table,
in order to preserve human rights (especially freedom),
in order to preserve law and order,
and to protect family and friends,
he took a really DEEP breath and agreed.

Arthur and the old Woman sealed their agreement with a kiss.
Then she began boiling a huge pot of water
on an enormous fire at the entrance to her cold, creepy cave.
As Arthur got into her strange, watery bed,
the Woman whispered
the answer he was looking for into his ear.

The next morning just before dawn,
Arthur and the Woman landed their steam-filled balloon
gently in Camelot on the rooftop of their castle.

As the sun began to rise
They could see thousands of soldiers from the neighboring kingdom
marching around the castle threatening to overpower them.

While the Monarch pounded on the city gate
waiting for a satisfactory answer,
the old Woman approached Arthur for another kiss...

As Arthur prepared himself for the experience,
the Woman was transformed
into the most wonderful Woman his soul had ever encountered.

Then the beautiful, graceful, young Lady declared:
that since Arthur was such a wise and compassionate leader,
she would only be her horrible, deformed self half of the time...
and the other half of the time, she would be an exquisite Queen.

Which would he prefer? That she was beautiful during the day
or beautiful during the night?

Arthur smiled as he considered his new predicament:
During the day,
this wonderful Woman could share many talents with many people,
but at night,
she could share other talents with him in the privacy of his castle.

   * * * * * * *

If the choice was yours, what would YOU choose?

If you are interested to hear Arthur's decision
you are welcome to read the conclusion.

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