* * * * * * *

"KNOWING" the answer to the Old Monarch's question
is only half the solution...
putting it into PRACTICE is the other half:

When Arthur's Financee asked him
what he wanted her to be:
"perfect by day   OR   perfect by night"
Arthur, being a wise man, said he would allow HER
to make the choice herself.

Upon hearing this, she announced
"Then I will be beautiful all the time
because you have given me enough respect
to let me be in charge of my own life. "

Then Arthur called for his attendants
so he could make a public service announcement
to the whole kingdom
and also to send a message to the other King.

<<<<<< trumpet blasts >>>>>>>

Then one attendant repeated Arthur's words,
loudly and clearly
one phrase at a time....

"Dear Friends,"
"My future Bride has revealed to us"
"the secret answer to the riddle"
"of the Wise King from the East."

The caller paused for effect and motioned to the musician.

<<<<<< trumpet blasts >>>>>>>

"Every woman wants:"

<<<<<< trumpet blasts >>>>>>>

"to simply be"

"in charge"

"of her own life."

Immediately ALL the women in the kingdom began to applaud.

The wise Old King smiled and said,
then he gathered his troops and left
Arthur, his future Bride and the people of Camelot
knowing that there would be Peace
in the region for many, many years.

* * * * * * *

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