A New Model for Principled Business and Membership Organization:
"The Seventh Spoken Spiral": A Social Network Non Profit Co-operative.

Which principles, values or motivations animate the Seven Spoken Spirals?

- A Voluntary, Non Profit, Personal Social Network (Dynamic Syndication)
- A Mutual Ownership, Governance, Producer, Consumer in Co-operation
- A Local Values, Spoken Policy, Sustainable Ecology, Social Responsibility
- A Lifestyle, Health, Skill, Aspiration, Creativity, Community, Financial Mobility

The Seventh Spoken Spiral fosters local quality lifestyles and service networks. Participation is an ongoing investment in your personal intentional community. Your contributions and employment opportunities provide you with transferable service credits redeemable for accommodation, transport, food, health, education, entertainment, computing, communication, library and support services.

The Seventh Spoken Spiral aims to provide flexible tiers of participation for greater freedom of choice. Participation is voluntary and includes opportunities in Mutual Ownership, Governance, Producer and Consumer Co-operation. Members have the opportunity to contribute and be provided with a variety of choices in affordable quality ethical lifestyle services. Members also have the opportunity to communicate and socially network their satisfaction and enthusiasm to their personal social network.

Each active member is rewarded with a variety of redeemable service credit rebates. Rewards are an incentive and encourage personal participation and also contributions to personal social and lifestyle networks. Participation Rewards are redeemable service credits and since these credits are transferable they can be shared with ones personal social network.

The Seventh Spoken Spiral - a dynamic relationship model
Your variations on the Model are yours. 1st local to you, 2nd spoken among your network and 3rd they spiral far away and out of control of your intentions and choice. One persons far away is possibly another persons local reference and they can make their choice locally too them and spoken among their common network. We are all potentially connected by these overlapping local to global degrees of inter-networking. This is expressed by each person and network but by no one specifically. The dynamic relational reference is symbolized by a Seventh degree.

Syndication Model: Each member is the primary voluntary core of their own Personal Social Lifestyle Network. Each Person has their own membership profile with a history containing personal preferences, transactions and agreements. Each member has chosen to share some mutual expectations with their chosen network members. We can say that membership profiles are embedded in networks that are different or non uniform and we can call them syndicates.

Dynamics and Voluntary Connections: Since each and every member in your own personal network is also their own primary voluntary core of their own personal social lifestyle network, we can say our personal networks overlap. An overlap occurs between all the common network members. Each personal network is unique and may change to include new members or exclude an old member. In this way, we can say that our Networks are Dynamic and voluntary.

Reputations: Changes to your network may or may not be in common with other personal network members and may have been initiated by you or by a another network member. We can say that networks dynamics occur with changes to agreements or disagreements. We can also say that networks are influenced by personal membership reputations which are embedded in networks or syndicates and these networks have their own reputations.

Network Clusters and Diversity: We can say strong and shorter ties occur in intimate clusters when we have many common members that overlap into each others personal network. We can also say that Diversity occurs when single or minimal connections join or overlap between you and your co-members, thus joining two or more intimate clusters via relatively longer and weaker ties.

Network currency: We can say that every network and profile creates its own currency of trust and co-operation, moderated by agreement and shared values. Service credits are only redeemable within the circle of this trust and co-operation. Currency is also valued only by and according to all those who choose to tender it. Currency can include the primary agreement to common membership, secondarily its share holdings and governance, thirdly its value production and consumption. In fact currency includes any form of participation regarding any and all common interests, commodities or investments. Network members may agree to limit service credit values or redemption and reward opportunities to govern their chosen values. Since networks partially overlap so do all currencies and their values.

The Seventh Spoken Spiral may come to be known as the "Spherical". Spherical is the ever floating IPO on the universal creative commons, the ever renewable local to global, universally accessible exchange market. Spherical only proposes to include the great diversity of the Human Manifesto. Spherical is everywhere and always the omni-significant. Spherical is the predictive model in retroactive reality.

Got to go to bed tonight, I'm going away for a little while. See you again soon on the other-side of the unofficial version of now.

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