Title: one law for all

Hi darling Dominique

Delightful to hear from you, your compliments are nourishing and your invitation enticing...
(of course, nothing to do with your beautiful feminine energy and my raging testosterone!)

I was in conversation about the topic of "one law for all" a couple of weeks ago...
My subject arose from the Jewish tribal distinctions under an over arching Mosaic law.
While it has implications among our states, especially central & northern Australia.

The tension plucks at universal/ global agreement and more diverse dynamic sub culture.
Consider family with multiple authorities parenting evolving childhood (inter) dependence.
Other tensions exist in the method forming agreements: rigid/flexible, unilateral/shared.

You could look at your current situation in SA, at the rural based youth arts company.
What are your experiences? Have a great time. I look forward to hearing and seeing you.

2006 06 26

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