Title: Proposing to layer the imagination (and nominate its leadership)

I propose to layer the imagination, with a euphoric premeditative psychedelic reconstructive story. To bathe consciousness in the relationship of its imaginary layers. To dwell in a greater self and upon the intimacy of being.

A journey into the scales of spiral time and proximity. To relate the heavenly sphere and earthly mantel core. A tale found among the folio of layers branching from a primary trunk and the furl seed of the self.

Simply Witness the Renewal of consciousness, a primal spark within the inner most knowing self, within the inner most depth of being. An infinite in dwelling within ones inner most sense of proximity.

Imagine, the moment has yet to expand in spiral time less than a micro second, less than one divided by 999. This inner most proximity may find itself expanding into ones greater diversity, as it unfurls into ones natural inclination for harmonizing ones broader worldly sense of self.

To bring home all of ones own lucid clarity. To relate the branching of the senses, ones variety of experiences, and the most intimate introspective private, personal, shared and colourful stories.

999 Tiny cascading micro cells, are self divided by the resonant waves of 99 dancing voices. Then unite inwardly once again, by relearning to unfold by just 9 similar intonations. Intonations that are inspiring to each other, as complementary gestures. Each Tiny potential micro change, may choose to transform itself over and over again. Through the rising sap of its own inner trunk, the life blood plasma of its integrational relational dimensionality.

This is the momentum of psychic renewal, the intuition of divine change, to become in trans-spiral time. To expand from the micro scale of cells into the sub-macro scale of seconds. Then again, expanding from the sub-macro scale of seconds, by the power of association, into wider scales, into the multi faceted layers of the more diverse sense of self and its imaginary story.

Seconds spiral, in spiral time, into the coiled layers of being. The super hybrid fibre of the imagination, its plasticity, its prescriptive memory, its inclination. Micro cells transform into the layers of sub-macro seconds. Seconds layer into minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years.

Imagination, coiled up in between the ringed layers of 9 years and 99 years, may dare to relate beyond a century of years, to a millennium sphere, ones greater holistic spirit. While simultaneously, nurturing the prenatal foetus, its soft glowing, knowing, buoyant body. Its youthful pulsating living tissue, still to this day, filling its vital current embodiment.

Imagination, is sometimes called "today" and its layers are sometimes called "when", having become its story. Within the folds of its 9 to 99 spiral layers, it may boldly and sincerely invite all of its spiritual and earthly ancestors and all of its creative partners. To find a deep union from within its inner most unfolding. To raise the deeper sap unmasking the imagination, its preconscious self emerging from several coiled layers of being.

Budding and flowering, to truly face ones imaginary sense of self and all these imaginary significant others. To joyously unfold together to become the expansive nectar of trans-spiral natural love. To caress all related created creatures, with ones own vulnerable under belly. The anatomic tick-tock of the preconscious prenatal body clock.

To layer it all up and lay it all down again. To dwell between the imaginary layers of light silky sheets and heavy dark fury blankets. To undress some layers with heavy desire, to rest in the attraction of deep sleep but to intend renewal.

Seductively unclothing the natural and cultural tales of an imaginary man. To alter the anticipation of realization. His winding up, around the hill top, towards his peaking desire. His desire remains within the coils of the imagination of the inner self. While he supposed it to be embodied in her, drawn from the imaginary story of his self. Into the story of the imaginary woman, her ways, her nature. And he thus put her on an imaginary pedestal.

To finally bathe his restless peering eyes into the fullness of their collected imaginary consciousness. Their pool of deeply concerted, mellow knowing. He seeking it in her reflective responsive welcoming eyes, for he supposed she already knew.

Guided by a higher surrounding imaginary super vision. Meandering down from an upper flowing glowing rainbow ribbon. Dancing lights, galactic spiral seasons, heavens seven selected stories. Imaginary Heaven, coiled around its imaginary love poem, its beloved embrace, the charm of a warm and sacred heart.

But the heart need be fair. For all this timely affair is not but an ecstatic artistic play of attention. Softly held by the gentle and lovely, voluptuous and tender, spiral layers of the imagination. Kindness thus drippeth into the lovely mouth and giveth the great well of desire to drink deeply her dew.

The great wellness, deep and brimming, full bodied and able. Animated by the abundance of joy, in the breathe of life. The atmospheric, bio rhythmic, emotional being. Floating upon the oceanic mantel core of liquid fire, surging over a pulsating magnetic coil.

The imaginary mortal coil, was once shattered, being surprised by a suggestion. Being, then caused and confounded by the Director and the direction of question. In Being much too Direct for the Halo of consciousness, the Halo of Being has since become a directional process in becoming.

Their story re-emerges to discover by experiment, an answer, among the company of its hosts. Each a reflection of their yet unknown light. Shining in the void of their surrounding hovering patient suspension. Their entwined mystery, a subconscious instinct, the reflexive possibility of imaginary intimate proximity.

Awakening each other with a shared glance. Simultaneous spiral timing, synchronous in their in dwelling, their welling moment. To spring their flow, to river their light, to liquify their blue school. Their movement towards the banks of their fertile placid pools of common destiny. The universal bank of authenticity, the common wealth of their creation.

They, all together, arrive on time, everyone in them selves, honestly and proudly. Each watering the living garden with great peace in store. All providing, each and everyone, in gesture and joy, to share truly valid and relevant information for their imaginary love of life and learning.

Valuable and reliable understanding simply complements its opportunity to cascade and befriend its imaginary greater self. Corresponding with answers on several levels, among its smallest suggestive ringlets, among its youngest sincere initiates, opening toward all of its loyal trusted players.

Imaginary membership is continually renewed, at every scale and at every frequency. Serviced by its synergistic lattice work of peer review. Their healthy green ecosystem, full of satisfaction, ripe knowledge and fresh imaginary currency.

There to grow strong and here to stay. To layer the seasons of the imagination in trans-spiral time. To return wisely on the imaginary understanding centre, on the promise of intimacy and love. Offering an open hand, to signify kindness, sincerity and trust. Co-operative, voluntarian, non-harmful, sustainable.

A story among all its inspired imaginary dream tellers. To unearth all their creative treasures from the spontaneous humanifesto and its treasure chest of the living story. Each soul invests itself deeply in to the making of its own imaginary creation. Each soul having promised to make itself into spirit, the vehicle for wholeness, for every abundantly creative soul.

Some might call this the imaginary glory and the imaginary kingdom. To dwell in life together, upon this shared Earth, the cherished in-gathering of well being. Within the sphere of endless possibilities. The great freedom and abundance of familiar and super natural love.

To deeply layer the imagination, is to be authentically included in its renewable and desirable vital power. Rooted in the abundance of the unfolding present. Being its imaginary mortal coil, its link to the collective self making realm. To be an imaginary child, growing up and coming out, in to the common wealth of adulthood. The pan conscious, vivid and lucid, life giving communion of reality.

To dwell in the land of perpetually renewable eternal coherent clarity. Being a creature of trans-spiral time. Sensing its intimate reflex. To discover the real face, the authentic sphere. The wonderful prism of opportunity and possibility. In the joyous life of drawing ever closer, to meeting of the collective face of every intentional being.

This imagination suggests we each come to the meeting of the entire cast. Celebrating the making of a very human dramatic love story. The suggestion of an imaginary realm called the making of the real world. The planning and construction of the holistic sacred temple for the in dwelling of its figment, intentional being.

The suggestion of the composer becoming the composed. The manifestation of a worldly life giver, dwelling, right here. The very same being, as you and I, this inner most proximity. This Being, inclusive of all self knowledge and the imagination of its every possibility.

Trans-spiral time, its art, making, medium, appreciation and its influence is the making of a proposition, to ask and seek answers to its own suggestion. Today, every frequency of this imagination, is the profound finding of the fullness of consciousness. And Here, every scale of this imagination is the profound finding of the original and genuine, expansive and abundant sense, the proximity of being.

Oh, let there be an ongoing arrival and meeting of all whom make this suggestion. Everyone who asks the question of who? Everyone who makes this choice. To be in their own beautiful way, the asking of this question? To discover and rediscover the wonderfully creative, authentic dance, while still in its composition. To move and be moved by this joyous inspirational song, while among friends and the making of friendship, ones trusted co hosts and dreamers.

While I do propose the layering of this imagination, to allow for its diversity and fullness. As for its leadership, I propose to nominate the spontaneous and free, emerging and unfolding, prophetic and pre-existent collective intelligence. Leadership, manifests as every inspiration, in the full diversity of its discovery, as the entire embodiment of its experience. And we nominate this inspirational leadership as we each find and learn to share in it.

Every consciousness is found in the unfolding of the present, all of its unearthing and gathering. All of its relational belonging to the collective and vital intelligence. All of this consciousness is found in its reflection, the great diversity of the collective artistic testament and the lucid confirmation of its imagination. This I consider the revelation and manifestation of the Real Earth, the Human Story and its Heavenly Intentional Being.

Here Today, HaleluYah.


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