The Heavenly Jerusalem Quest (Game Proposal)
    Enter the Seventh Millennium

    Chapters (days/ stages/ unfolding dimensions)

  1. Creating an authentic Profile; Initiating Currency for the Quest.
  2. Composing Personality; In Possibility with the Personal Script.
  3. Coming to Common Terms; Learning the Universal Language.
  4. Collaborating in Composition; Harmonic Symphony, Humanifesto.
  5. Celebrating the Jubilee of the Whole Human Family and its Tribes.
  6. Communion, Consummation, Daat; Euphoric Holographic Temple.
  7. Conception, Pregnancy, Gestation; Still Within the Birthing Womb.
  8. Discovery, Anew, Childhood; Transcendental Authentic Currency.

    (Inspired through collaborative meetings with Yitzhak HayutMan and his innovative work on transformative role playing games, while visiting the Earthly Jerusalem, in January of 2006.)


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