Title: Broadcasting The Name

Inspired, I experienced a certain sense, well an epiphany, during an active meditation the other day. I decided to send a message, in an SMS Broadcast, to my social network, which is about 50 people, in Melbourne, Australia and a few in Jerusalem, Israel.

      What do think? The Name means All living process and every relational tension;
      Being manifested as Intentional engagement, cooperation and communion.

      9 June, 2006

I wanted to share my thoughts and asked for feedback but I did not need an immediate response. About 1/3 did reply via SMS within minutes or on the same day. Most did not reply via SMS, that's about 2/3, as is usual for my social network and my inspired or obscure SMS broadcasts.

I received some positive responses, humour and personal feedback. Some people made alternative meaning proposals. They suggested a more simple hearted feeling, less worded and a lighter attitude.

OK, yes, Simple feelings would be a better message, than a heavy and more heady concept. I simply replied, "correct" to one person who proposed this simplicity as a rhetorical question.

Some people replied asking, "what name?" and "who are you?". They probably did not recognize my obscure religious references or my Australian cell number or my pseudo spiritual name. I replied to both groups at the same time with another broadcast, to about 6 or 7 people.

      I refer to The Biblical Divine Name, Hashem:
      Eheyeh (I am Being, first person) and Yehoweha (He [It] is Being [that], third person).

      from Yoseph, Jason Lasky, in Australia.
      10 June, 2006

I will probably receive some more follow up responses, when I see the other members of my social network in person. I expect questions like, what was that weird message you sent me? or something like, I'm sorry for not replying, I had no understanding of what you meant.

Now that I've satisfied my inner need to cast my visions outwards (a simple FEELING! giving to a receptive, caring and thoughtful audience), I'll just laugh and shrug my shoulders with them. I'll just pretend it never happened. But it did happen and it was all, it still is, all just a simple feeling:

Yeah well, I... Oh my... Well now... Like Wow... Hey!

Anyway, I'm just kidding ya, what's for lunch?

15 June, 2006

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