Title: To Sitka Ripple

hi wahkeena sitka tidepool ripple

I found your humanifesto a treatise for existence on the web through a search for humanifesto when I first registered the website. I wanted to know who had came up with the same name humanifesto. I noticed now that you no longer list your humanifesto in essential writing page but you do have another manifesto and loads of beautiful work there. I love all of your work, as it meanders and collects your divine sparks. I discovered it following your reference when you made the comment on the Greek isle photo (actually it's in Norway?). I have read all of your site (i think?) and am amazed at you, your world, your sharing and your inner journey (a mystery - I pretend to know!). I love your music - can't wait to get a copy of your CD. I've been playing it non stop for the last 48 hours - it's now on my phone as well - I have been sharing your story and what it means to me with my friends over the last couple of days.

The name yehoshanah is Hebrew and came to me through inspirational prayer meditation a couple of years ago. I was really love sick, at the time and in a very deep longing to ground myself again. It was during the heat of summer and my flowing expansive passion for life after a confest camping retreat, like a rainbow gathering. yehoshanah seems to mean an intention to be aware (of an inner sense of being) while experiencing outer shift or change (in ones sense of reality or frame of reference) - like the seasons and cycles in nature and our sense of time in general. (ye-intention, ho-attention/being, shanah-change/transition). Jehovah - which I pronounce ye-ho-ve-hah seems to me to be a process spiral meaning intention - attentive - extensive - attention which seems to coherently relate freedom / union, intention / attention, authentic / spontaneous, inner / outer, being / experience. Did any of that make any sense to you sitka?

I adore your honesty in your sharing and so much - wow! Sing and dance your heart, world, mind and body, friendships and journeys. Cause I love your soul too - it reminds me of mine and my relationship to my world - our world - our soul. better stop now. I was so excited to get an email from you. Actually I thought of Katie - you two might really connect in a magical way.

Be really well and wonderfully you every day... much love

2005 08 03

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