Title: Life in Resort Community

Stay, participate and contribute to Life in Resort Community.
Accommodation Rates vary while staying in Resort Community:

Motel stay refers to 1 to 2 day residence (with a high surplus charge).
Hotel stay refers to 3 to 6 day residence (with medium surplus charge).
Resort stay refers to 1 to 4 week residence (with low to lowest surplus).
Community stay means live and provide resort (subsidized - neg. surplus).

While the stay duration of a resort participant gradually increases,
their accommodation charges beyond actual expenses (surplus) reduces.

For some, residence becomes an opportunity to provide for others,
to build community, in a participatory resort eco-social network.

In this stage of my life, mobility and community appeal to me.
I'd like to participate and contribute to Resort Communities.

I imagine these same principles applied to my employment;
length of employment converting into cooperative investment.

I imagine these principles extending in our Buddy Trees;
growing canopies, branches and roots of value alignment.

I imagine a web of reputation currencies flowing among us.
Answering tender questions: what, how and who to be with?

Where Practice provides quality of life, real value and wealth,
and sharing this Practice cultures sustainable eco-social economy.

Where Exchange Facilities provide living reputation profiles a Market,
and legal tender currencies are quality in our questions and answers.

Where ownership is gradually eclipsed by reputation profiles,
and control roles gradually replaced by reputation alignment.

I seek our well being in friendship, community and humanity,
and offer our reputations to provide the answers for exchange.

I love to fully understand, to be responsive, in authenticity,
and to find all of our selves in fields of resonant harmony.


2005 01 31

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