Title: Priority
    All Not for profit cooperative organization.

    Providing reputation information offering responsible investment through yourself. In which You are the recognition of self evident value, in accordance with your patterns and choices relating and harmonizing your associations of significant intentional being.

    A system of valuable reputation currencies.
    Currencies whose purpose is to provide a working solution toward a responsible democratic citizen model. The requirement and responsibility to participate among valid reputations intensifies the reflective echo of relevant decision making. The consequences of which will progressively replace alienation caused by modern forms of exclusive, or over centralized and disenfranchising culture.

    The value driven decentralized web of reputation currencies provide both personal and organizational consent to our collaborative agreements, in form and in expression, in exchange, in concept development, in artistic and language modeling. The ongoing reformation of alignments expressed through our currencies both describe and prescribe our agreements governing access to knowledge, mobility, operation, natural resources, ownership, organization and government.

    Challenge Membership participation
    Might we cooperatively institute all our various organizations such that they are viable instruments, ecologically alive to their circumstances while mechanically operative for their purposes? Organizations democratically constitutional, rooted so completely in membership and participation that the viral menace of overly coercive and secretive influences are deemed non intrusive and non invasive?

    Alert to Temptation.
    Reconciling Strangeness.
    Innovative, Normative, Deviant.
    Recognition of Democratic Intention.
    Spiritualizing Membership Participation.

    Developing the software
    Imagine a creative commons, open source, open protocol, interactive software culture for developing predictive text input, menu selection and computer assisted decision management.

    Imagine the creative commons evolving through collaborative feed back in an associative, functional and social internet of distributed computing.

    Imagine the creative commons applied among our chosen forms of communication, networks, various organizational, operational, instrumental and choice input mechanisms.

    Considering all forms of associative membership and the varieties of participation as fundamental contributions in the provision of the staple resources for both sampled normalcy and the feed back required for the recognition of progressive innovation and intolerable deviancy.

    Multiple Loyalties
    Association would pivot on multiple loyalty priorities. The provision of associating such diversity would also harmonize multiple scales and complexities of loyalty. The principle of loyalty becoming the inclusive but non conclusive principle among various expressions of value, validity, certainty and identity.

    If loyalty is understood as the stability of decision based value alignment among trends of participation and the association of participants then conversational exchange among reputations, associations and their chosen currencies can be understood as innovation, normalcy and deviancy in the responsible experimental range of loyalty, investment, negotiation and exchange.

    The as yet untold unfolding common destiny
    This reputation system suggests the progressive intensification of responsible citizenship. Only the unending meeting of this challenge, with all our being, will alleviate the difficulties of unearthing our reflective implications, our mutual entanglements, our contents and discontents.

    What makes humans unique is our humanity. Having been subjected to millenia of social influence we can never return to a prior state. Social entanglement can only be made somewhat less or more twisted but never to be undone completely.

    No longer can an individual bear witness alone. We are now strands of a shared fabric and must collaborate in authorship. We can no longer conspire or transpire as other or enemy.

    We are no longer aliens, strangers of strange lands or diverse cultural specimen but each and together we are the wonderful human manifestation of intentional being.


    2005 03 24-25

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