Title: Ownership Control - Creative Commons

Hi Raynard

Hey! you are well on track to success in your chosen field of business.

Not just Renting expensive material and then working to resell your own marketing system...
Rather, do what you want to do, well, without too much concern about ownership control.

It's probably better not to hope an upstream company buys your own marketing system.
And on the other hand you want to receive respect and protect your creative rights.

License your works under Australia's law - have a look at creative commons

This is a flexible and fair system and is more open to a wide take up than a closed copyright

There would be plenty of small business resources to gather together aswell.
The idea is to be a flexible and useful example, rather than a definitive model.
Then people will want to work with you creatively rather than compete with you.

Raynard, remember you are wanting to sell an attitude that has many expressions...
So keep in touch with your own holistic complementary cooperative giving mind.

I look forward to assisting you in your endevours.

regards Jason
2005 04 25

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