Title: Making this Divinity

I can't avoid making God in my heart,
just as i can't avoid making myself.

I worship the God making me, my heart,
and my sense of this entangled paradox.

I am influenced by my world, it makes me.
I feel that i too make the world, oh God!

This submerging emerging divinity is ...
Why do i love to name you? is this you?

I love your life in my life...
you make me and i make you, my love.

We feel we share a world, and heart too.
We love freedom and we love its respect.

We love this entangling paradox, our life.
I love our entangling life and freedom too.

I love your open heart...
I want to make love with your open body too.

Your flowering soul is so much in me too...
I feel my own soul coming into being with you.

Make love all day and all night with your world.
Make me in your world too, along with your God.

Oh God! You make this entangling paradoxical life.
It is this, all of this, that praises you endlessly.


2005 01 25

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