Date: 16 Jun 2005
Subject: follow up to our converstaion

Hi Kim Cosmos aka KimCi

I enjoyed our conversation a couple of days ago.
I am very impressed with the

especially complimentary currencies

i would like to share resources...

a couple of resources from refer to reputation systems
Sergio Lub, Friendly Favors and the Living Directory
emerging social reputation systems they benefit complementary currencies
which leads to

and software for community currency internet servers

and cc software site i have mentioned already

on social software networks - this one is too good to miss!

and on the worldly but complex business of providing value to all stakeholders

You are already familiar with open source, creative commons, cooperatives etc

I had a pokey look at the history of your indymedia dispute - good luck!
I had care taking/protocal/process issues at

I look forward to chatting again with you soon.

regards yehoshanah

Your visit adds one for the site: and adds one for this page: