Title: I am among

    I am among the opportunities of the expression of the sun. Without such opportunity the sun would not shine.

    Not just my warmth, food, body and vital energy, also my consciousness and its expression. Not just my various manners of reception of the suns rays, also the further elaboration it works through me.

    All works are woven into the fabric of this covenant. There is no way or stand apart from it. All is this.

    My awareness of our relationship may diverge to include an awfull fragmentation. Into this special kind of diversity and from within its possibilities is a continuous and novel collaboration.

    I bubble into being together with you and all we know bubbles with and in us.

    The fabric pattern is alive, woven according to our breath work and the sounds and voices, melody and songs emerging from and among us.

    We form wonderful prisms together and patterns of light dance to illuminate us.

    Without this resonant awareness of strangeness and its synthesis, we may still experience its divine synergy.

    Simple intimate awareness of wholeness and integrity, may peacefully hold within its experience, the same depth, height and complexity a different kind of sophistication will suffer in joy to seek and find.

    Each in our own way knows and responds to our confluential arrival.

    I seek an awareness of continuous election, as a service to various authenticity and spontaneity rulings, and the worship of thier harmony among all senses.

    We live within a kingdom and an art to which we are all subjected. And joyfully, I am also undone in all this.


    2005 01 31

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