Field Law

Foh Haleluyah.
Intentional Being,
Oh Source of Destiny,
Plunge Me into Your River.
Your Living Stream, in which,
Each whom ask, who?, are this Who!
Plant Me, in Your All Living Diversity.
Until, I Am Undone Unmade Unknowable Being.

A Relative Consensual Value Metric Nesting
(A Field of Harmony; by Order of Resonance).
Sub-merges into a Rational Convenient Expression
(A Dynamic Intensive Extensive Equilibrium Axis).

A Referential Coordinate Web of Reputation
(A Sphere of Concern; by Degree of Antecedence);
Re-emerges from its Spring of Relational Kinetic Potential,
to become a Well, Full of Radical Feedback, Confluential:
the Medium of Exchange and its Co-efficient Significance
(A Sphere of Influence; by Magnitude of Consequence).

To draw Ecological Psycho-Social Networking to the foreground;
Synthesize: Systems Theory, Semiotics, Gestalt and Pragmatism.



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