Sent : 21 Feb 2005 07:00:32
    Subject : ecocard is a valuable reputation currency

    hi Duncan Lawson of

    wow, great ideals and realization! you are amazing... how is it all going?

    I feel we could help each other and many others make informed choices.
    I heard about you from Nick at sustainable living at the festival yesterday.

    I have just sold my internet cafe st.kilda and am now developing model
    valuable reputation currencies - see my website:

    I plan to put together POS + Loyalty + Online CMS + Barter Market.
    I have been talking with Anton Harris Kern at

    My goal: facilitate valuable reputation currencies interact in a profile web.
    But that requires a long road of development and critical mass participation.

    Personally, I seek to live in and contribute to an intentional communities culture.
    But I see an earlier need to mobilize our economic and participatory democracy.

    I look forward to your feedback and I hope we can cooperate.

    regards Jason Lasky

    Yehoshanah (2005 02 21)

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