Title: creative writing class

I'm participating in a creative writing class by Pamela Karitinos.

poetry / verse / haiku

Though the night was wintery cold, I felt warm, drinking red wine.
We three went out to the street corner, to observe and write...

Under the moon as it fills to its very brim,
as it peeps through the lazy evening clouds
a girl, in her car, wheels past, talking on her mobile phone.
She takes but a moments stop, before turning her car left.

I sit under the bending walls of this old church,
on the grass, on the corner, by the street sign.

With each car motoring by my cross legged righteous corner
I am reminded of the endless movement of the greater city.

Does the city ever sleep?
Do the angels in the church ever sleep or pray or need anything?

Pamela, John and I, are like three apostles,
taking dictation on the road of creative writing.

Stretching my minds eye across the endless road,
its tram tracks witness an endless story of traffic signs.

Haiku (3 lines, 17 syllables, untitled, unrhythmed, imagery)

Moon, filling to its brim
bend church walls
three apostles, cross legged, write.

2005 07 19

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