Title: Personal Assistance with Big Tool Pool Service

Hi Steph
What do you think of this idea?

Imagine a Local Ebay like Trading post for short term hire agreements.

Not for profit cooperative membership organization (open source system)
Providing assistance matching personal assistance and big tool pooling.

(Personal assistance with house, car, computer, expensive equipment etc)

Call a phone number, sms, email or make an online web booking...
Which provides an on call personal assistant and their big tool pool service.

Organization manages membership registry, qualification, their big tool pools
and assists in matching their availability schedules to the membership requests.

An agreeable service, qualification and price is offered from each side...
Each negotiable offer is set with in a broader free market of standards.

For example, driver and car at $30 per half hour (minimum of 1 hour)
Or say a lift to work or home for $5 per trip or $20 per 5 trips etc.
Or say a lift to the local shops for purchase of groceries and return etc.
Organization assists to match member offers for a small service commission.

Initially each member would require qualification and tool registration
Members automatically evolve their contacts in a reputation referral system.

This is a voluntary peer to peer human resource and big tool pooling service.

Providers only offer that which they choose to offer and under their own terms.
Consumers only offer that which they choose to offer and under their own terms.

Members negotiate their own free market, registration and history transparency.
An organization serving its members in their needs not for ownership or control.


2005 04 20

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