Title: an abundant proposal

In response and in contribution to the round table...

Vision of abundance initiated by Andrew Tree.

I propose an abundance web portal;
an opening to higher, broader and deeper abundance;
expressions of spirit presence, evolving in an organic fractal;
a web of unfolding pattern involving collaborative harmonic diversity.

Opening to a flash animated navigation experience,
each element is the subject of potential investigation and
each frame of reference is the element of a wider holistic view.

The foreground; is logos, abundance, sparkling in gold n' silver.
The background; is the world, from above, Earth in space and stars.

In the lower realm, an Earth view; mountains, rivers, fields, cities, oceans.
In the middle, the Earth touches horizon, weather patterns and swirls of light.

Above the Earth is an orbiting flock of pulsating satellites
and also dreamy, subtle yet lucid and beautiful, angelic faces,
these half cast heavenly bodies orbit their earthy centre of gravity.

Above all, is the greater cosmic scene, twinkling stars, galaxies and super nova.

Now log on and astral zoom into an element for further investigation.
Zoom out into the vaster sphere of planetary consciousness and spirituality.

Click an icon link to open a format for making your artistic contribution.
Your own journey and feedback add abundance pattern in the highway of being.

You discover the opportunities to exchange in raw and informatic materials.
You enter calendar spheres with several other participants, joining together.

Your exchange currency flows in value pools, oceans, currents and streams.
Each person starts with an abundance base figure, a million transparent points.
With every exchange, we promote our value streams, we flow, align and empower.

This abundance, this consciousness will always evolve, everywhere and for everyone.
This invitation proposal has one requirement, to always participate with all your heart.

2005 07 12

More Abundance
Date: 16th July, 2005

Hi Andrew tree, Sally and Andrew Miles

Reflecting upon todays conversation with Tree and Sally at St. Andrews pub.

abundance: a not for profit trading cooperative membership (surplus is reinvested).
New membership is automatic with any participation (such as purchase of a sticker).
abundant SURPLUS :- all income is dedicated to realizing the members needs/wants.

An example

Project 1:

abundance Concert Gatherings; held monthly for say 333 people for say $33 door entry.
Half of the $33 will be used for the production of an abundance Concert Gathering CD.
The performers benefit by an equal performance payment and their promotion on the CD.

The CD will protect creative authorship with
Therefore we will not prevent people copying the CD for personal and friends enjoyment.
With the licenses and abundant distribution is greater artist promotion as performers.

The surplus after immediate expenses will go towards investments in shared equipment.
Example equipment are for music performance, production and reproduction of CD or DVD.
Members will be able to hire coop equipment at low costs dedicated to further abundance.
With more skills, equipment, venues etc. brought into coop alliance, the more abundance.

Project 2:

abundance Clothing Designers; walk into a personal consultation with a creative designer.
Its a workshop for your own distinctive dress style and your personal soul journey.
Choose abundance, instead of mass produced clothing or very expensive designer clothes.
Design is protected under a creative commons license not locked against personal adaptation.
Consultation and Clothing payment surplus is reinvested for abundance Clothing Designers.

2005 07 16

Re: more abundance
Date: 21st July, 2005

hi andrew miles

if you are in a hurry then go with what you know at this stage.
yet with abundance we will want to go with open standards and open source...

i am not web technically advanced enough to actually code the web site.
i recommend that we build on existing open source software see below.
i have knowledge that can assist in planning and developing the web site.
i can also assist in liason with those that contribute artwork and the code.

social network currency ideas have been boiling in me for a while.
here are some resources:

software for community currency internet servers

complementary currency (cc) software site

on social networks software - this one is too good to miss!

and on the worldly but complex business of providing value to all stakeholders
Shareholder Value Perspective versus the Stakeholder Value Perspective

The History of Value Based Management

open standards increase compatibility

Creative works - rights management with flexible copyrights

The Open Source Definition provides details terms to the use of software:

Test some of the best open source and free php/mysql based software systems

The largest repository of Open Source code and applications available

on money:

2005 07 21

Your visit adds one for the site: and adds one for this page: