community - workshop - boarding house - business centre - cooperative

Standards & Values:

	1. Eco design - beautiful, environmental and healthly Earth life.

	2. Complementary spaces - privacy, community and open public forum.

	3. Not for profit - a sustainable, economical, share cooperative.

	4. Authentic - reflective, open to discovery, flexible identity.

	5. Sacred Life - life matters most, time to consider, living aswell.

	6. I am - self, person, relations, community, society, Gaia, Cosmos.

Function & Operation:

	1. Private studios - bedroom, lounge, kitchennete, bathroom, storage

	2. Shared - lounge, dining, kitchen, washing, office, garden, workshed

	3. Business opportunities - rewarding and inspirational social work.
	Short stay boarding rooms, workshop facility, vitality services,
	cafe/teria, grocery/convenience/supply store, postal/news agency,
	small business services, communication centre, publishing house,
	library, art exhibition, laundromat, clothing repair, child care.

Multi dimensional life is an organic fractal in self discovery:

	1. Syndicate - we are special persons living as a group, in a context.
	We are part of a wider culture. Lets make intentional contributions.
	Our personal, social and business learning belong to open community.
	To fully appreciate and have gratitude, sacrifice fixed perspectives.
	Personal/Cultural tensions do give way and offer up a Living Harmony.

	2. Inter-related decentalized networks - The ground of being is form too.
	To Practice being in form or structure calls for a living compromise.
	Inhabiting a personal and social body is an act of intentional life.
	Habituate a focus of attention, its care and resposibilty follow you.
	Cooperate with a group of communicative people, discover your destiny.

August 2003

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