Subject :  Three ideas 

Hi Michael       (of

thanks for your feedback on coop community ...

I have been putting out some ideas to people I know
and am really open & enjoying discovering some in return.

My personal journey is to explore a whole lot more,
so that I know what works for me and with whom.

What works, is what works for those in their own work.

Itís great to learn from others and try to apply it inwards.
Basically a system needs to be as real as those that live it.

I love this work and am having so much satisfaction every time
I find an interested person with some good ideas & enthusiasm.

now onto some the nitty gritty ....

Where? I am aiming for suburban - city - for a dual lifestyle.
I trust that the people I will join will know where to be together.

I am aiming for a scheme to at least save people their rent money by
participating in an intelligent flexible critical mass membership coop
that avoids profiteers.

Here are some recent ideas ... 3 very powerful ones!

1. Coop owns various expensive assets like cars computers etc
   And hires them to members on an as per need basis.

   a. Basically to free people from those huge investments
   b. Offset the depreciation against any capital gains etc
   c. Offer a focused opportunity/challenge in their sharing

2. Studios apartments in clusters with internal adjoining doors,
   This allows for families and more flexible internal relationships.

3. The external investors (gov, bank, fund, ethical investor etc)
   retains the land title, removing a huge burden off the coop loan.
   Obviously the coop and investor will need to get along really well.

Wednesday, 3 September 2003

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