title: love of life

hi daniel

how are you?
has your girl friend arrived yet?

i would like to share with you my current situation.
i feel - some big changes have occurred for me lately.

i attended a healing camping festival over new year.
i opened my body, heart and mind to become vulnerable.
after a few days i was very unstable & ungrounded.

at that time i met a woman that has changed my life.
Alice - i truly feel love in relationship to her.

i am learning to evolve that love towards well being.
i am managing and finding love in all areas of my life.

i am discovering the paradox of wishing Alice her own freedom
while having an intense desire to be with her and feel her love.

i wait three days now, for her to call me ... yearning & learning.

i have practiced much prayerful meditation and body spirit yoga.
i can now breath better in my midsection - it is wonderful.

i have asked people to call me by a new name since 2 days ago.
my name is yehoshanah, which means god makes this change.

thanks for being my friend, daniel.

love, Yehoshanah
(formally Jason Lee Lasky, Yoseph Leib)

Tuesday, 7 January 2003

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