Subject: a harbour and a hub

my own ramblings are a personal exploration, just a day dream.

yours is a good question ... how might people live ....
balancing the tensions of in/activity, a harbour and a hub?

some will ghetto themselves in from a raging city in frustration.
some desire an open house party, despite a constant hang over.

people in community or wanting to be in community
will have to work that out every day of their lives perhaps.

what about ... non singles?
married with kids ... take two or three studios joined together.
perhaps 20 studios will be clustered into smaller groups of 5.

the city kibbutz idea....
i have suggested that 20 people share 5 cars for example.
some like that idea, some feel sharing is a worst case scenario.

the plan is to make a coop community/kibbutz in a city suburb,
as this will allow people to live in two worlds simultaneously.

there will be an ongoing balance between hub and harbour.

besides the live in shared environment that comes with a lease,
the coop could own various assets for hire for the live in
community and also various business for public engagement.

joining and leaving the coop should not be too difficult as
people join for the term of their lease 6, 12, 18, 24 months.

live in lease payments are investments in shares (think savings).
coop business wage payments can have options to buy shares.
coop business customer accounts earn options to buy shares too.

when they leave, the coop buys their share back from them.
share prices float at a value determined by 1 share = 1 vote.

This coop community will have a very active web site with
their internal & public forums and opportunity presentations.

Sent: Monday, August 25, 2003

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