Title: forum resurrection

Posted to a website forum

Hi to all

I am pleased to see a resurrection of this forum thread.
It just goes to show how the internet is an amazing place
for discussion and how this topic persists
until it will spread across the earth and all our hearts,
spontaneous but sustainable forever.

I would like to add to the list of values already stated
that worship & devotion, spirituality & energy healing
are intuitively surging into this new culture
that we are yet to clearly name & title.

Now living in Melbourne, I am 34-year-old divorced male
with a 7-year-old daughter who presently lives in Chile with her mum.

I grew up here in Melbourne and have returned after 10 years
in Jerusalem Israel exploring my community roots & destiny.

I am still exploring myself as a worshiping Jew in the Jewish community.

I am now working to reconcile my various religious experiences
while being attracted to all that you guys speak about.

I see interest communities forming around drug free dance events,
Reiki groups, yoga classes & meditation meetings.

These are the same people who are interested in intentional community
and warming to cooperative economics.

The desire for these fresh eclectic urban gatherings is bountiful in the city.
Various Confests (conference festivals) & retreats
bring us out to the country temporarily.

I see a wonderful merging of cultural influences here.

I feel an urban intentional community might combine retreat,
performance space, cooperative business and environmental,
social and educational forums.


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