Returning to Co-Housing and Co-Operative Networking

How can we meet these needs & desires:

* have a healthy & stable place to live
* reduce interest fund related payments
* develop a satisfying ethical employment
* support secure & friendly community values
* experience personal and intimate engagement
* sustain a living organism of eco-spirituality
* contribute to the evolution of cultural society.

This picture describes a moving scene in mid stream.
How to get it started ... know it has already started.

If you desire your every day life to be an ongoing ideal retreat:

Make up your mind and don't agree to eternally pay rental agents.
Make an effort to join and become a trustworthy group of people.

Agree to share a commitment to pay off a mortgage together.
Know that every weekly payment is saving & reduces interest.

While the group could repay you with your full share of cooperation,
when leaving a commitment, offer a tithe to support an ongoing group.

The more a group invests in a shared environment and satisfaction.
The more they invest in an expression of support for each other.
The more they invest in their contribution to a living example.

Variety in cooperative housing extends the network of applications.
Integration of wider social applications brings insurance back home.

Flexibility joins consumer cooperatives, interest groups & seekers.
Consider your next big career move into a new cooperative framework.

Assisting people in developing their self worth is very rewarding.
This guides competitive desire into real opportunity and gratitude.

Welcome guests to take retreat into an experience of your every day.

Consider how your community might sustain an on going retreat town.
A place where the new comer can participate in making shared reality.

As an audience widens, experiencing a spectacle, anticipate discovery.
As an audience discovers just how much they participate, they evolve.

When Prophecy humbly mumbles all about simply living, we awaken again.

july 2003

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