Title: breathing inward moving and resting

Here is thought you may appreciate... quite regularly.

The following could be used in a breathing meditation.
Your own experience and understanding is what counts.

These are my own interpretations (not carved in stone).

In order to understand the divine Hebrew name, Hashem
we might first understand the Hebrew word for the present.

In Hebrew, hey vav hey, pronounced hoveh, means, the present.

How do the Hebrew letters teach us to read the word hoveh?

Lets look at the simple meaning of each letter.

The letter hey refers to the living awareness of both...
The nasal and throat passage down to the lungs
and the tongue and throat up and into the mouth passage.

The letter vav refers to the living awareness of both...
The lobe of the brain down to the base of the head
and the extension of the organism down into the spine.
(Nervous system, hormones, fluids, oxygen etc)

the present is spelled hey, vav, hey ....

Repetition of the letter hey refers to the awareness of cycle,
Of all the related cycles, breathing, oxygen, stimulation etc

Some of the names for the life energy in breathing are
inward breath, moving breath and resting breath.

The awareness of the present is a collection of senses.
These senses are an intimate living cycle with the body.

Now in the wonderful name of the Divine...
The description of the awareness of the present is
united with forethought awareness to the present.

This forethought is referred to by the smallest letter yud
which I have described in the first part of the letter vav.

Yud initiates all the letters before they move into their own focus.

The letter yud refers to the living awareness of both...
The frontal lobe of the brain with the whole brain to the base
and from the base of the brain to re-influence the whole brain.

When the letter yud initiates a Hebrew word it means intention
or specifically one that intends to realize the meaning of that word.

So now we can see what the Hebrew letters teach us...

Yud hey vav hey spells out this sense awareness in a relationship:

Intention to realize the present as it is experienced in a living body.
Awareness of the all the cycles that occur in the upper anatomy.
Attention to being alive with breath, inward, moving and resting.

It takes much practice to remain aware of this simple state of being alive.
We are a lot more than just being alive as we participate in much activity.

See how you go with extending your simple awareness into your activity.
If you do sense this relationship you may feel quite in wonder at this sense.

Thank you for participating in this description of the divine in our lives.
I wish you well in your meditations, your breathing and your activities.

Monday, 8 September 2003

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