title: bible story

subject: change in culture & Lev 18:22

hi friends 

i thought you might be interested in this email i wrote recently. 
it was in response to a debate about the bible being relevant. 


to answer your question 
(homosexuality etc, an abomination, LEV 18) 

in brief our culture lacks male intimacy, even in heterosexual sex. 
[from personal observation in my little survey of my little world.] 

So the desperate attempt to recognize and heal is upon us. 
It is not just homosexuals but our entire culture in that healing. 
Also family, children, friends, community, organizations, nations. 

In LEV 18, their culture already had physical intimacy between men. 
To take that intimacy into homosexual intercourse was an extreme. 
Another issue is dictatorship about what god likes or dislikes. 

I think its a great adventure to try to understand our culture 
By comparing it with another one, whether new or old... 

As our culture is experiencing huge transition, we would be well 
to learn from other transitional cultures, from their experiences. 

If so, the first challenge to us is to understand their point of view. 
In doing that we come to see in what way it makes any real sense. 
Then we are in a position to ask in what way might it be relevant. 

So we can look at the old text, here is a link: (main index) (Leviticus) 

At the time of the exodus of egypt, the house of slavery, 3300 yrs ago 
The people were liberated to every whim - this was terribly confusing. 

On one hand they had experienced a developed multicultural Egypt. 
On the other hand all lands and every desire & fear was open to them. 

The code & story describe that situation; multidimensional human collisions. 
The text (see 3.5 books of desert wanderings) describes people confused. 
In the midst of their confusion is a spirit of sanity in the various characters. 

the description of the word of the Lord is through Moses mouth specifically. 

Moses did not live his life with the Hebrews; he was a royal child and then fled. 
Moses journeyed, through Midian and various kingdoms, acquiring experience. 

the character of Moses had various traits, he is portrayed as a powerful role. 
Moses is sick with personal confusion about his marriage and people hood. 
He suffers from the promise of heroism and love of his older brother etc. 

His older brother Aharon and older sister Myriam always lived as Hebrews. 
They were leaders among the middle age, their parents among the elders. 

We could count tens of characters in the desert story that play very strong roles. 
The interaction between Moses, the LORD & everyone else are always in conflict. 

an example that describes the peoples dependency on Moses as a dictator role 
are described in the event of the golden calf and many others. 

I see these characters & the story as the context of a covenant in the heart. 
On one hand showing a need for clear rules and on the other real freedom. 

It is this scene and its very real human dimension to acquiring sanity in freedom 
that puts the code & its story as such a wonderful resource for endless learning. 

Monday, 17 September 2003

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