Title: Resurrection DNA

Ana-Bio-Graphic Domain-Name Associations

Proximity      Process                   Perspective

Confident Ego  Significant Relations     Coop Community

Goodwill       Infrastructure            Constitution

Festivity      Market                    Court

Faith          Language, Legend & Lore   Cultural Dogma

(2 am - 4 am, Tiferet Sheba Gevurah)

These are the names of Super Human Domains
each with Three Dimensional Spectrums of Axis.

When comparing the Associative Spectrums of Axis
they will revolve through each other.
They appear as Whole Spherical Domains
when Three Dimensions are comprehended at Once.

Three Dimensionality seems to be a Projective
Associative Construct of the Immediate Domain.

Proximity refers to the
Phenomenal Aperture of Awareness

(Right: Expansion: Macro Scale
& Left: Withdrawal: Micro Scale)

Process refers to the
Metabolism of Various Time Frames

(Forward: Future: Initiation
& Backward: Past: Completion)

Perspective refers to the
Investment of Vital Elemental Powers

(Upward: Subtle: High Frequency
& Down: Gross: Low Frequency)

Three Dimensional Perspectives, can not
fully comprehend Domains beyond the Immediate.
This would involve a sustained multi-locational
experience, that would fully include other participants.

The process of involvement in Super Human Domains,
is an act of will of the Domain itself.
I believe the Super and Sub Human Domains are
as Alive as the Immediate Domain is apparent.

These Creatures of Awe & Speculation, in which
we each choose to Contribute, they choose us.

I believe the Evolution of the Immediate involves
a process of revealing Sub Human Domains.
This requires an oscillation of Sub Human Domains
becoming manifest in the Super Human Domains.

Imagine the process of the cell membranes, organelle,
organs and limbs emerging as a sentient.

Imagine the birth of the early human, once supported
in the womb, seeking a warm domain again.

Imagine the experience of early Humanity centered by
intimate fireplaces many generations ago.

Imagine those human perspectives becoming progressively
entwined and developed degree by degree.

Each step completed in the Projective Associative
Construction realizes Our External Domain.
The duality of the Immediate both initiates and completes,
both super and sub domains emerge.

The Immediate stands in continual Readiness
for the Perspectives of Super and Sub Domains.
Vital powers invest in a retroactive completion process,
re-integrating scales of proximity.

What is to be human?

The Experiential Legend of Possible Reality
varies with each domain.

I believe, we as humans, are experiencing
an ongoing awakening of profound dimensionality.

Good Luck.

5 am - 7 am, time for some saturday morning sleep in
... Yeho Shanah out.

(Melbourne, 26/4/2003)

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