Re: One World

oh yehudah, my healthy slim jewish friend

i was at a prince music concert last night.
initially i enjoyed singing and dancing along.

then i started getting meaningful....

i started worshiping Hashem with all my heart.
i started meditating and contemplating divinity.

i saw an opportunity to tune into 10,000 people.
i wanted to experience their conciousness in mine.

i wanted to ask their souls for a beloved embrace.
i was wearing & playing with my tsitsit for all to see.

Prince - the artist was given the spotlight...
these souls, these people, their lives,
were now consenting,
to experience their journey,
as we, together, allowed it.

how might i see all this as a sensational manifestion.
i started worshiping with all my unconscious & senses.

i would only accept light and sound from our maker.
my every inner sense & intuition was a gift to accept.

i could see our souls dancing and singing holy praise.
the words, the music, the space, the atmosphere...
it became the theophany i cherish in my dreams.

what in the world is happening to me?

yehoshanah (yoseph lieb, jason lee lasky)


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