Title: Mythology of wholeness

I am not an individual ...

I find the spirit of Life
in kindness and harmony,
in the choir of voices,
in the dance of bodies,
in the place of bio-diversity,
in nature and in sweet nurture.

I share a spirit of life with all life.
In living in harmony, I sense wholeness.

To accept this foundation principle
is to have faith, in life, its core.

Life holds a duality of being,
while in wholeness, its harmony,
holds a frame of reference.

I find a sense of centre again,
a unique self, presence of another.
I am in relation, I ... sense other.

I am not an individual now,
I sense my life discovers harmony,
I am discovering wholeness of being.

I accept this belief experientially,
I know the embodiment of life force.

Life is in me and another,
it flows, it moves ... it rests in harmony.

The divine in reality manifests as
a deep spring of living vitality.

Its the greater abundant well of life,
an extended realm, overflowing as well.

The fluid or impression of knowing vitality,
the pure unique Self as it emerges to being,
thoroughly soaks into others, into likeness.

In being more whole and knowing wholeness,
every porous material is vulnerable to spirit.

The spirit of wholeness moves beyond,
will it not tolerate simplicity alone?

The mythology of wholeness extends the unique and
couples simplicity with a movement towards chaos.
Toward chaos is order, the impressions of meaning.

The full spectrum of Enlightenment,
the whole process of life, has a dual nature.

On one hand, life experiences an unfolding,
a gaining of high wisdom, a gaining of depth
and a gaining of breadth.

life experiences the process of ...
forming shells and layers around the self.
For Life contracts as well, it ebbs a while.

So Enlightenment, on the other hand is
a shedding of incoherency, of disillusion.

Life force withdraws and allows some dying off.
This peeling away of outer reveals an inner.

Life removes the too dry or too moist,
flaking shells and moldy husks.

Enlightenment is simultaneously
a going to death and a coming to life,
into another body of a greater living process.

Plants sprout roots ground wards and leaves skyward,
while also coming to seasons of release and fall.

Its release gives fruit and seed in its exuberance.
Its release gives organic decay in its withdrawal.

Life Seed falls from once ripe towards over ripe.
Life returns its elementals towards ground and sky.

Life sleeps ... to reveal a life like dream.
Life awakes ... to reveal a dream like life.

A Life, therefore, can not be depicted only
as a perfect spherical energy, centred and glowing.

A Whole life is not fully independent and autonomous.

The simple extends and becomes too complex.
Yet it returns, to reveal a new simplicity.

The greater womb of life is a place of life and of fall.
A life that grows too much must descend to be born again.

The sense of presence, being a life in wholeness
forms a birth place for a new life, a new being.

Being with others, with my self, and another self
finds a unique self again, in a diversity of selves.

I am born in relation, in likeness, to be in communion.
I withdraw to discover my dreams seek a living in harmony.

I believe a more wonderful harmony manifests in diversity.

Do you believe this?

24/5/2003 yehoshanah

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