Title: Leaving to Live

Tsruyah and Mayah Eden are now leaving for Chile to live there.
I honour your journeys, Tsruyah and Mayah, I admire your courage.

Tsruyah, you are now leaving my birth place to live in your own.

You have become an Australian in your own way and made this place a home.
Now you seek to return to your own birthplace and early family belonging.

Thank you, Tsruyah and Mayah for living in Melbourne, Australia with me.
Thank you for sharing my family and my birth place as I returned here again.

I look forward to hearing and seeing you both again as soon as is appropriate.
I look forward to visiting you and your returning here again to where I live.

Mayah you are a wonderful girl, you will always be our beloved daughter forever.
I will always be your Dad and you will always have me as much as is possible.

This time in Chile is an adventure for you and a very special time for Mummy.
I believe in you Tsruyah, I respect your choice, you will attain your treasure.

Tsruyah, I met you in Yerushalayim, as a beautiful Israeli Chabad devotee.
Oh yeah, you were just what I wanted, you made my self a better place to be.

Thank you Tsruyah, for sharing your wild young womanhood with my young manhood.
I acknowledge now, those times are ending, we are no longer who we once were.

We discovered the journey of becoming a couple together, two worlds colliding.

You shared your family with me and we started to make a little family together.
Thank you for making a little home in our discovering our adventure together.

Thank you for sharing with me our Jewish experiences and our great culture.

Thank you for bringing a wonderful little girl into our little world.
I discovered an amazing little child and some of your and my childhood too.

We are a little more experienced in our seeking, our lives are still unfolding.
Now we have become more wonderful than ever before, in new ways, separate again.

In these four and a half years in Australia ...
You have seen more of my own family and childhood playgrounds.

Thank you, Tsruyah and Mayah for living in Australia with me.
Thank you for sharing my family and my birth place as I returned here again.

I am pleased to be here with you today as you begin on your new adventure.
I love you and Mayah Eden with all my heart, I look forward to your happiness.

A big kiss and cuddles to you both and all your family for me, see you again soon.

Fare well on your journey, till we meet again, fair ladies.

Friday, 18 July 2003

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