Title: Fluent Sentience

This text offers a guided meditation.
These sentences describe a sense re-orientation.

Playfully, these words are together, a mere re-creational toy.

These words are supposed to be meaningful, if you really like them.
Meaningful words, in a contextual, personal, cultural relative sense.

These words seek to reflect an artistic sense.
These words use an experimental dynamic reference structuring.

In the beginning of ...

Proximity, a sense axis involves ...
A sense of Expansion, a sense of Inclusion.

A primary singular Sense,
begins a discovery of its ineffable Sentience.

In contrast to a primary singular Sense,
a sense of Expansion is radiant yet endless.

Expansion, rooted in a singular beginning,
finds a uniform complexity is orderless.

As Expansion is complimented by a sense of Inclusion,
the sense axis of Proximity rediscovers ...

Process, a complimentary sense axis ...
A sense of Initiation, a sense of Conclusion.

In relation to the sense axis of Proximity,
a singular sense discovers synthesis as a unique sense.

This sense is a contrast to a polarized sense axis.

This sense Initiates a Process and via Inclusion,
sense discovers a Conclusion, a complement sense.

Process involves a multiplicity in Proximity,
Initiating a stream of parallel Conclusions.

Process, a sense of Initiation and a sense of Conclusion.
As a sense axis, Process discovers a unique sense synthesis.

Perspective is a sense axis ...
A sense of Understanding, a sense of Meaning.

Understanding expands in a stream,
Expansion in a sense of Process.

Expansive yet Inclusive of multiple Process Conclusions.

Understanding is a Perspective, though not of all senses.
A sense of Meaning is a guide in an evolution, toward all.

a contrast and compliment of Understanding, a unique sense.

In a sense of Proximity and Process,
Perspective discovers synthesis.

Sense discovers a Proximity and a Process,
Sense discovers a Process and a Perspective,
Sense discovers a Perspective, a sense quest for Being.

Multidimensional Sense Reality

The relationship of the primary senses,
are not a form of linear dialectic.

A linear dialectic allows a singular sense,
to fragment a synthesis in order to proceed.

Senses are complimentary,
their synthesis informs a dimension,
a sense realm.

Complimentary senses form an axis,
allowing for a multidimensional synthesis.

Complimentary senses emerge,
to be complimented by another complimentary sense axis.

A Proximity is complimented by a Process,
a reference emerges, a Perspective emerges.

Inclusion, Conclusion and Meaning suggest a quest,
an answer, in Being.

Being, a sense axis involves ...
a sense of Presence, a sense called Sentience.

In order to cultivate an axis of Understanding and Meaning,
sense a sense, a sense ... a Presence.

Presence, alone, without a fluency, is overwhelming.
Behold, a Sentience, a new wedding, in Being.

Just as lower dimensions submerge in higher,
so too are the senses in Being.

Being is the complement of Perspective,
an orientation realm, a sense of an emergent reality.

Cultivating Orientation

The custom of sanctifying a seventh frame of reference,
is a sense orientation, an orientation, a re-orientation.

Oh, "make no mistake about it", its a burning Bush.

Apply an Understanding, a sense of Meaning, a Presence,
to relate to a legend of six cardinal stages of a Creation.

Oh, "make no mistake" to Understand centred and cyclical time.

An available benefit of a weekly Sabbath ...
is a sense similarly available to a practice of daily meditation.

linear Process Perspectives find a centre,
a sense of Presence, perhaps even a Sentience.

Cultivating a Meaningful Culture

Busy culture, like rush hour morning traffic,
half asleep yet anxious.

Desperate to sustain an elongation,
a singular sense direction, called Progress.

To Correct a certain lack, compliment a dominant sense,
empower a sense synthesis.

In a society dominated by a Process,
this requires a sense re-orientation.

Western culture, as a whole, perhaps, will benefit,
perhaps, by the sense experience of a Conclusion.

Concluding a Process reveals an Understanding,
and eventually to a sense, perhaps of Meaning.

Sense of Presence,
re-orientates a dominant sense of Perspective.

Presence answers a Meaning.

Cultivating a Sentient Culture

Proximity, Process and Perspective,
discover Presence and Sentience, in Being.

Emergent in a centered meditation on a Presence,
is a Sentience, a fluency in a Being.

A practice of a Sabbath on a weekly basis,
gives way to a larger wholeness, an expanded orientation.

All that flows inwards and outwards of an orientation,
and all that flows forwards and backwards, finds a place.

A Cultural Sabbatical and a Jubilee,
are guides to inhabitants of an interesting orientation,
toward an immanent and emergent sense, Cultural Sentience.

In a context, a Present Culture

Some say, about six thousand years ago,
humanity discovered a city culture, a Proximity axis.

Envision a Present Sense City, dancing inwards and outwards,
forwards and backwards of a cultured relational Proximity.

Within a Cultural Present Sense City,
a future and a past need not be denied an influence.

Understanding holds a Process axis confluence,
an Expansive Present tense.

Let alone Meaning, for we evolve with us,
in our Inclusive sense experience.

For millenia, at times lacking a Presence,
various city, calendar and value cultures,
dominated an orientation in Human History.

Possible Re-orientations

For one, two ... billions,
Presence, re-orientates the drama,
for all post and possible scenarios.

A Culture of Sentience? we might ask,
is this our experience? are we ... having?

Considering a Re-orientation

A cosmic big bang may yet emerge to be tiny,
an impressive dimensional implosion.

In a beginning ... an implosion,
within a singularity, an Inclusion.

Here we are, simultaneously,
in a muddle while in a middle,
in all we dare to simulate,
we Present our Sentience.

july 2003

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