Title: Deep Love

hi yehuda

how are you, my spirit brother?

i usually move very quickly through your inspirations
but this one really caught my attention - i'm in love!

i am in that wonderful multidimensional paradox of being

being immanent and transendant in union (self & another)
experiencing the deep familiar in another as a discovery
offering (blessing) freedom but while in great desire

now in having more experience in these i am re-discovering
their similar manifestations in all areas of my whole life;
mind & body, friends & family, society & culture, Gaia & Cosmos

I am despirately trying to ground myself in wholeness & balance.
As the intensity of paradox (desire and freedom) with my lover
has me intensly seeking wholeness in all areas of my life.

yes, the sweet pangs of love make the world go around.

love yehoshanah (jason, yoseph)
Monday, 6 January 2003

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