Re: Conviction

hi yehudah

what you say is very powerful... but seems too exclusive.
in suggesting that inner doubts are but external beliefs.

do you not believe in a greater covenant among humanity?
one to be arrived at through a primal inherent found in all.

the elemental life force found in faith is shared among all people.

do we not learn to accept the faith of others and so change?
when a persons unique speciality finds itself in a community.

history prolongs the evolution of identity for our humanity.

i believe that is what transforms a yaacov into an Israel.
when both eisov & yaacov, the twins come to reconcile.
eventually yaacov asks eisovs spirit for his name in respect.

if not, how will one grow in the love of others like oneself?
how will we accept the covenant of humanity for what it is?

i believe some of our ancestors believed in this divinity.

hear o Israel (as a twin accepts responsibility for being entwined),
witness this name (meaning intentional being - manifestation is the present)
today, our communal divinity, one day, manifest for all humanity. (Rashi)


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