Title: time 2

Hi Daniel

Lovely to hear about your attraction to a new person
I hope you both have a lovely time playing together.

Yes, feeling others (and everything) outwardly
and feeling ourselves (and everything) more consciously inwardly

Resources (in mainstream Jewish tradition)
See the sefer yiztirah
the sukkot lulav ritual
the sefirat haomer
discussions relating the famous three:
place - makom, time - zman & soul - nefesh

Yes, the land (sky) scapes are from
The har habayit - makom hamikdash - makom yivhar
with the Mediteranian  & Atlantic to the west - behind etc

on Yom Kippur the Cheruvim would embrace in the west
While Israel stood from the west and gazed at the manifest

Also in the cerimony of the making of the ashes of the red hefer
the Cohen would align east to west, to see the Cheruvim.

While the old temples were in the form of a person
They were lying down in form, with the head in the west.

The full area har habayit is 500 amot square
and the hight of its heaven was at 500 amot
The fire-lion from heaven came from 500 amot above the alter)
suggesting a 500 amot cubic volume as the real dimensions
in which the paradigm personage form could stand tall.

Time -
Usually we perceive time, the idea as a chain of events
and we usually do that from a specific event or focus

For example
How the food came before me and now I can eat it
You could say the past is folded inside the present
The energy of the food might disperse into the future

The difficulty is expanding into
Complexity, scale and subtlety
Outwardly and inwardly
As it is in the moment

Not to a chain of events into past or future
But into the sphere of relations in the present

So at this moment
My organs, senses, desires, values & intentions,
This food, place, environment, culture, Gaia
Exist without change yet they are in relations

The past is infolded into the present relations
The potential future is held in the same relations

I sense that we elongate our lateral (and vertical) reality
Into the forward & backward orientations we call time

(Vertical time/orientation is another relational axis)

Behold the current patterns of our perceptions
Realms of possibility are being held in relations,
Current structures, forms & organizational patterns

Time is realm of possibility we construct in collaboration

Let's say, inner and outer time are not as other worlds
Like the one we now inhabit - rather it is our world
As we constructed in our personal/collective experience

The vertical construct/orientation is the integration
Across the subtle and gross bridge of conscious relations

All orientations contribute to a coherent - congruent sense.

jason lasky
20-Dec 2002

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