Title: natural time

hi daniel (the beloved)

yeah baby - natural (awareness) time
i like what you say ... really lovely

i tried to imagine myself and many others
doing what you suggest and the ripple effect

i have been exploring something in that realm
that lateral sense of time ... the ripple effect

an additional dimension to the other linear
future and past focused sense of time

where we feel outward and inwards
to sense the sphere of influences

this feeling outwards and inwards
deepens and expands our domain of NOW

i see it as a right and left orientation

it becomes concentric or spherical when ...

when this merges with our other orientations
with a sense of backward (past) and forward (future)
with a upward (spiritual) and downward (earthly)

you may remember my writing about this years ago ...
in the second writing journal i put together in israel

summary of directional orientations:

obtuse outwardly is right(desert-southwards)

acute inwardly is left (mountain-northwards)

harmony in diversity?
destiny vision is our facing forwards

abstraction is alignment upwards (noon-zenith or full moon)

earth grounding is restful anchored below
(gravity, lowtide at night)

diversity in harmaony?
memory is approaching the center from behind

kind regards, Jason Lasky
Dec 18 2002

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