Title: The Cooperative Housing Project

aims to serve & advance cooperative society.

The goals and means ... are the same

1. reduce the cost of housing rental,
2. employ people
3. house the poor
4. feed the hungry and
5. give retreat to those needing healing & rehabilitation.

This is a beginning ... the urban intentional community

Please come together to form a body corporate;
a legal entity that together mutually funds:

1. your monthly rental money
2. skills & initiatives
3. bargain a better rental agreement with a land owner
4. manage & service the housing/apartments & occupancy

The next step ... for your community

1. develop a common wealth & facilities
2. develop business & personal initiatives
3. develop hospitality and outreach assistance.

As your community progresses ... seek harmony in diversity

1. Learn from & assist other intentional communities.
2. Create or join a Federation of intentional communities
3. Support the Federation in purchasing your rental properties

Bring forth new forms of society ...
Every person can share & participate in the making of community.

"Free your mind, Neo!" (Matrix)

jason lasky, dec 9, 2002

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