Re: co-housing

hi ilya

i believe most young people will live in intentional
and cohousing arrangements within 10 - 15 years!
lots of know how is already available and growing.

it is like the creation of the automobile and the PC.
once they exist and are available there's no going back!

the financial and realestate players will jump onboard.

the main obstacle is cooperation in the personal & emotional.
that is what will keep pulling the movement into inner realms.

i have been on a break from community for a few years now.

it has been a long time...
since i researched the current situation
in co-housing and intentional communities.

here are the links to
600+ intentional communities to learn from!

and cohousing everywhere! (Australia) (worldwide)

i am aware of government funded co-housing in NSW (moved link)

i'm not quite ready (i feel) to focus on being in a community.

i need another 1 to 2 years to work on my business and family.

i see my business and family intergrating towards community.
then i intend to completely focus on intentional community.

i envision transforming my personal and cultural life.

kind regards, Jason Lasky
Tuesday, 24 December 2002

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