Yeru Shalayim Opport Unity Recipro City

Yoseph Lasky, Jerusalem

Collected in 1994 and published in a small booklet.

Holicity Adam Describe A Man. In The Beginning of, For The Eyes of All, And Only One Naming, Whose Being Is What, A Relating Defining. Adam Describe A Man. First Faith We Find, The Place In Time, Give Heart Clear Mind, Search Count Set Rhyme, Found One All Kind. Adam Describe A Man. Now Ancient Faith Shine, Genuine Universal Single Sign, Speak Breath Wooden Stone, Jewish Path Someone Home, Rung Ladder Ring Tone. Adam Describe A Man. Minding Awareness Evolve Awareness.
Holicity Emanate, in place, too much, definite condition spanning, promote other lack. Conscious recognition directly, make happen standard, analogy express draw. Outline activity cooperate, distinct domain measure, hold surround consume. [The Hebrew Aleph Bet 3 x 3 x 3]
Holicity Introduction: Simple Teaching - Gather Heart. 1. Torah [instruction in Judaism] 2. Tachlit HaBria [purpose of creation] 3. Yirat Shamayim [spiritual awe] 4. Teshuva [responding to conscience] 5. VAhavta LReacha Cmocha [loving another as oneself] 6. Emunat HaShem [faith in the divine cause of manifest reality] 7. Moshiach Tzidkeynu [our righteous one annointed] 8. Biat HaMoshiach [the annointed becoming revealed] 1. Torah Teaches Us the Purpose of Life; of the World and of every instant. How to live and why. 2. The Purpose of Creation is to give man an opportunity to desire the Presence of HaShem's Unity. With the Simple Unity is all blessings and happiness. 3. In man is a Unique Point of View. An awareness, a free will to desire and act. A man's view is an awareness of the Purpose of Life. 4. Man can desire the Presence of HaShem: Man can improve his Unique Point of View. Man has a Life of Action . in the Completion of the World. 5. Man can consider his Friend in the Purpose Of Creation. A man's friend contributes A Unique Point of View to the Completion of the World. The friend of a Man has a free will, in a relationship with the Presence of HaShem. 6. Man can consider HaShem's Will. in the Purpose of Creation. Man can have faith in the Purpose of a Unique Situation. Man can have faith in HaShem, that all existence is created for a Unique Purpose. 7. Moshiach has Faith in HaShem. Moshiach has a Unique Point of View. Moshiach makes Peace in a World of Unique Purpose. 8. Completion of Creation is Moshiach 's Arrival. HaShem creates the World for a Purpose. The Torah Teaches Us how to live and why. To give Life the Purpose, the desire of the Presence of Simple Unity.
Holicity Gather Heart. 1. Torah Torah teaches us the Will of Hashem. In the beginning of the Creation, of the heaven and of the earth, Hashem made secret the Final Goal, so as to reveal the path to the Goal. And Hashem brought creation along, along the path to the Goal. And Hashem completed creation, so that it would work. Now man can work toward the Goal Man can find himself along the path. Hashem reveals His will to His faithful. Torah teaches all whom choose its path. All of the Path, the Goal. The Purpose of Life; of the World and of every instant. How to live and why. 2. Tachlit HaBria The Tachlit HaBria is revealed, only to the one who works for it. The secret of creation is hidden, so as to prevent the shame of falsehood. For the Eye at the Completion of creation, can only see Good. The path to the Goal is yet Simple. Hashem makes perfect the arrangement, every opportunity, every desire. Free will is given to man, With the help of Hashem, every man can choose, the path to his Freedom. When a man desires the Presence of Hashem, Then Hashem opens the man's heart, for its opportunity. A choice to draw Faith from Simple Unity. The Whole path, strength of Faith and Fullness is drawn from the Tachlit HaBria. 3. Yirat Shamayim The essence of man is from the Creator. The vision of soul, a child of G-d. The unique view of the child is drawn from his conception. The child now aspires to greatness. From where does he draw inspiration? History of course has action. Freedom of desire to attraction. The individual/his free will, be it an awareness, a point of view. And who knows the soul of man? And our Father in Heaven, His Will, the Creator's view.. The free will in a man is special, a Unique Point of View. Of the Purpose of Life, each man has his view. 4. Teshuvah. In the World of Truth who will be, in the Presence of Hashem's Unity? Truth, G-d is the Creator, of all, of the World. Challenge, G-d is testing me to find His Unity. Peace, G-d desires my free will, that it should have opportunity. Purpose, G-d gives me instruction in every Situation. Hope, G-d loves me, the whole world is arranged for my Teshuvah. Sincerity, G-d can use my Unique point of view, and my Unique situation. Knowledge, G-d's plan of Creation is very Unique its greatness includes me. Faith, G-d will complete the Creation. I give my life to the Purpose. Humility, Hashem's Presence is Life it Fills the World. 5. VAhavta LReacha Cmocha. The Life of my friend is from Hashem. Hashem chooses my friend, in the Purpose Of Creation. The work of my friend is his faith in Hashem. The whole world is arranged, for my friends Teshuvah. My friend is in a Unique Situation. My friend has free will and a perfect opportunity. My friend has a Unique Point of view, of the Purpose of Life. '. The completion of the World, is dependent on my friend. The Presence of Hashem, looks to my friend for his desire. All of history is now dependent, on a Unique Point of View, a single life's work in Faith. Searching for the Purpose, Gathering of the Heart. 6. Emunat Hashem The completion of the World, is the work of The, its Master. Hashem knows the Unique situation for which all have arrival. The secret Of Simple Unity, is for the workers of Faith. Eternity is the reward for the desire of true Life. For the Unity of a Unique point of view with the Purpose of Life, a man is given free will and opportunity. The home of all souls is made with hard work. Faith in Hashem, His unique Point of view. Presence of Hashem sharing Simple Unity. Sharing Point of view, drawn from Unique Purpose. All of Creation a Free will devotion. Gathering the Heart of Creation, to the Presence of Simple Unity: 7. Moshiach Tzidkeynu With unique purpose, Hashem looked into the Torah and blew the Soul into Man. Israel receives Torah in giving, in giving its Soul, in the Presence of Hashem's Unity. G-d said I AM Hashem your G-d. Bringing the Unique Point of View out from the hiddeness of Simple Unity from the work of gathering heart. I AM even your Unique Point of View Hashem Who's Presence is Simple Unity your G-d Master of the Unique Purpose who brings you out blowing your soul into you. Hashem sends us Moshiach; he moving breath, binding our soul to Hashem's will. Fulfilling Torah's Unique Purpose is receiving breath of Life from the Presence of Hashem. 8. Biat HaMoshiach Moshiach is a Unique Life. Moshiach includes all points of view. All trials of Faith are with him. Hashem creates the entire World and every instant so that man will choose: to receive the opportunity; to desire the Presence of Hashem's Unity. The Coming of Moshiach is Simple Unity. Hashem breaths Life into Man, Man's Life is received from Hashem. The completion of this breath, is the arrival of Moshiach. All work of Faith will be the House of Souls. They will be One Soul. Moshiach: the Life of every movement of Faith. HaShem's Presence is a Simple Unity. His Torah is the Moshiach Book. Having Faith in Hashem is Our Life.
Holicity A human being becoming what you will, by nature of not just animal, drives the man to attain a higher goal. What that goal seems to be in the awareness of a man, in this world, while he walks the face of this planet, might be compared with a child conceiving, of his potential adulthood. Perhaps more comparable to the slumber of the fetus, who sits upon a throne of evolutionary solitude, his world revolving around him, a womb of preparing for the next world, less than a fetus body length away. This world is also a preparation. The higher goal is awareness and responsibility, to the process of becoming. And not just Animal.
Holicity Here I am. Huh? Oh, OK. How are you? Fine Boruch Hashem. Erev Shabbos, life is happening. Now it is about 6 pm, an hour and some minutes before candle Li. Honestly I fell very awkward. And it seems to me, that I feel more awkward now than ever. I have grown tremendously and expect a lot of myself It seems, as we grow we expect greater actualization. I saw a glimmer of the Days of Our Righteous Moshiach. In my toil to be Samayach while dovenin, gate keepers were bound to tell special secrets to me, when I passed through their gates. Each message revealed the far reaching effects of a mitzvah. I had to leave a part of myself behind, to get through the gate! After some work I saw that average Jewish people Were very G-dly and Moshiach is their secret friend, all along. I had a dream but didn't see its end. There was an Argument waging between Rabbi Shimon and Me. The Rabbi was extremely angry. And every time he showed greater anger I believed he was weaker than I. I said to the Rabbi in a forceful attack, "Who is the one? G-d!" The Rabbi could not believe that I could suggest such a thing. The Rabbi's face became tense and pointed. The Rabbi leaned toward me in anger but the Rabbi could not speak. I said, "Leave." The Rabbi was pushing the mouth toward me and eyes blaming now. I said again with courage and daring, "Leave!" "I am not leaving until", the Rabbi began but I interrupted the Rabbis plans with more daring accusations and flying remarks, and said, "I am not playing your fantasies." I got up from the table. And from the window of My Apartment where the Rabbi had come to see me. From there, I saw the Kotel and in the sky was a twister from Heaven to Earth. I said in compassionate but fearing words, "You can't leave, there is a great danger coming." Then I saw a plane flying West with great warheads. I was watching a terrifying thing. I then saw a boat sailing way above us in the South East. "There is great danger", I said, realizing that the argument was connected to the danger. I was not sure if the argument was for the better or not. If the preventing of the argument may have had affects universally or just personally. The boat was sailing in water with its sails spread and safe. The horizon was a flood of water traveling West of the mountains. The World is being Judged! It is not a world war taking minutes to destroy the world, it is a flood from the depths. Only minutes to live. Now what!? The destruction flashed through my mind, I considered an escape. There was none! I called out to the people in my house including my Rabbi, whom I did not see now. "Do Teshuvah! Pray, but don't think of suicide!" Then I saw movement. One man jumped onto the ground there was thick water covering it. I saw through the back window the blue sky and water like mountains around us but no water came inside the window. I thought we must have divine help and we floating up into the sky with the water pushing us from beneath but not at the sides. What happened next is Unknown to me.
Holicity HIS NAME IS ....... I perceive my experience: made of combining. more subtle associations, these associations seem to be aspects of other past experiences (or future expectations). My situation is related to other past (or future expected) situations. Through choice: I Focus my interest on an aspect of my experience. Through action: I reorganize the strength of certain associations. Through commitment to customs: I develop the act into device. I practice entering, doing and completing the act. I use choice to reorganize my associations. I speak words: For me the Word is the super- device. I accustom my experience. I am committing to my associative Back-ground For-ground Land Marks. Word- Land marks: give me guidance and opportunity. I can reword my experience in similar paths to my associative Land marks. I can rework new Pathways with the inspiration of the situation. To place a word where it has not been my custom to place it there before. The commandments are given to be all encompassing and particularly fulfilling. Above the world of Pathways/commandments stands a Life Giver. He created the World, Sustains the World and Now, as ever, He ReOrganizes the World. His Name is Blessed.
Holicity I am in space. My great teacher friend is with me. He is lying next to me. Sometimes I see us both. He is in a sleep state for understanding all. I hear an old computer racing like a typewriter, It is coming from my friend. He is trying for everyone. I trust him. I love him. I will wait for him. He interrupts his state for me, to help me. He is very high and wants to tell -give me the help. And he says: "All I can say ... is: Gold isn't important - Being is what's important." I try to understand him through his message. I am withdrawing from this place. I think he continued on, I am not sure since I am busy with his message. I say: "I think I understand: gold is man made but being .... (is everything) is what living is for .. is" I find myself in my T. V. room watching the end of my experience on T. V. as if it is a learning -film. The credits roll up and I am confused. The lighting is dim, the ceiling is gone, and I am floating up out of it I am feeling my body in strange possession and control. Who is lifting me? I am in space floating over a mass-block. I want to know who has this supernatural control over mass in space - controlling my body in position in space. I know gravity exists. How am I like this? I feel the presence of two people of another race, skin color and background are different. They are behind me, above me. I sometimes see them but really I am too busy being excited with their gravity trick. They tell me I too can do it. I ask for a go. I begin to loose balance and give up. They are here to teach me. I am eager. They say,. "Be patient you will learn" My whole life has purpose; I am eager to learn. I now find myself slowly leaving this place. I am waking up but I don't want to. I can't believe it was a dream. I had no control. Why can't I go back. I am awake at seventeen years old but more than a night-time wiser. What now I wonder. A few days pass. I am at school writing the dream out in an essay. It is awkward and not appreciated. Two years later I am in Jerusalem "I am Yoseph. I want to know my. G-d."
Holicity 1. I am sitting down to write out my thoughts. My thoughts about talking with G-d. Please Hashem, help me to realize that I am [in relationship to you.] To know your greatness. To Realize who I am speaking to. Please Hashem, help me to clear my mind and heart. To perceive what I am doing here. Help me Hashem to speak to you. I am writing to G-d. I want to say what is important. To recognize the truth of this relationship. Help me please to be happy, always. A true joy. A good attitude. Spell out for me what to do. Shall I do what?. What shall I do Now?! Show me, move my hand, my heart. 2. Boruch Hashem. I'm glad I am writing these Words. teach me to spell out what's important. Help me to clear the air. Awaken my heart to proper speech. Although I write, teach me to pronounce truthful words. I sit in Yerusalem The awesome city. Tzaddikim worshiped here. They gave all of their life and efforts, to sanctify G-d's name. Right here, where I sit, is holy. Teach me true prayer. Show me good counsel. Write good words, on these pages. Words of Truth, Words of Thanks and Awesome praise. I am afraid to write on paper precious holy thoughts. Help me, at least, to write them respectfully. 3. Bless me that the words of prayer should flow into this world. Let these words be kept. Use these wards to come closer to our Maker. I am speaking to Us. Bring me back to You. Bind me in Truth, Faith and Joy. Help me to serve You with a full heart, Clear and Bright. Purify Me of confusion Take away my sins. When I feel discomfort; help me to realize its healing worth. Choose me to write here, good words. Words of Truth; Praise, devotion. Relevant words, about our relationship. Let me not waist time nor effort. You have given me will. Help me to sanctify it. 4. Where your Tzaddikim dwell, there too make a place for me. Show me how to share good. Teach me the correct course to take. Indicate who and how i can receive, from You, your Torah. I am bound to Truth. Help me to realize this. Show me how to move. Teach me how to measure what comes before me. Exact my words so that I understand. Make clear my writing That it clarifies itself. What is this? Don't let me be distracted from Truth. While it is difficult to write and renew my thoughts. Speech might help me. Speak mouth. I speak. What enters on paper is not equal to what enters mind. Speech is 5. between mind and paper. Therefore help me to speak first then write. Let me Think, then Speak and then write. Here I have written. But I could not hear my mind nor speak. I spoke after writing. My mind is faster than my pen. My mind wants to move my hand. My hand wants to move but is limited. Show me how to form a correct balance here. Balancing Mind, Mouth, Paper with Truth, Devotion, practicality. Show me here how to be. Let happiness accompany. 6. Many words are tested before writing. What to choose? Teach me G-d what is going on. Show me how to perfect this effort. Making prayer from Torah Teachings. Writing out your prayers to reread later. Hisbodedut has a special measure, of renewal of thoughts expressed in speech. While relating to Hashem. Making an effort and perceiving that effort, to Renew Relationship. Listening to Relationship, Reacting to Relationship. Speech is mediating Relationship. Between Thought and interpretation off happening situation. 7. I want to write as I normally speak. Let me write in a way that will allow me to freely Consider relationship for the sake of communication to Maker And the writing must also allow the interpretation to React back into the speech. Help me please G-d. You have Infinity as a light. The World needs your consciousness, Speech us into existence. Think upon us- hear the speech come out of your mouth. React to your speech, which is a good portion. A symbol of relationship. You Have Daas. Give of Your Good to Another. We depend on the infinite light. Give us to receive from You Hashem. 8. Now my writing is good. I thank G-d for the skill. You have my portion before I do. You give me what I need. It is with you I am. You show me what I have. Thank you for my portion. This writing is from G-d. It is not prophesy. As this is not a Prophet. I am just jewish. This is my portion. Profits exceed the portion. I just have this. It comes from our Maker. Thanks Heaven for Hisbodedus. Our portion is good. Enough for all. In its time and even for its time. I mean before. Thought proceeds action, actions reflects thought. Give me a blessing to learn from G-d, who and what, how to do. 9. One half hour of writing has given Hashem its time to display what has occurred. In time and before time. In the future this effort will make its way into the conversation. I let all the Future be without considering how it will be. Just to acknowledge that from Our Maker it comes. A good portion, the Best too, Help me to return in faith. to come back to this exercise in devotion.
Holicity B'ezras Hashem. Pesach and Rosh HaShanah. 1. We prepare for the Geulah as we approach Pesach. Throw out the unworthy baggage. As more space is cleared up, begin to set out a sedar. At first the sedar will be minimal, but then even more baggage can be thrown away. As the space is being cleared, note the major areas that were cleared up. Make those areas to be in relationship to one another. And you will have an order. Sit with your order. Be ready to get going with it, but sit still for now. Consider your area. What is it all for? Where can it bring you? Sit still Now! After Pesach bring all your areas into working order. Step by step, slowly. Slowly bring your space into the community, slowly. 2. As we approach Rosh HaShannah, consider the State of the Community. See the groups, the movers, and the individuals who sit by themselves. Try to realize what really makes these structures. Get to the essence of the structure. We have Authorities and workers. Understand what the issues of Community are. Which topics are axiomatic points of issue? Who is deciding? Who is carrying out? Work together, with others, to understand the important community issues, and carry through with the decisions. Work together. Listen for the true reason for each suggestion, Consider the outcome of each suggestion. In particular, the purpose an individual has, in relationship to the Community. On Rosh HaShannah Stand gathered together; in Prayer and Praise.
Holicity Set up page (for a project) 1. list of topics (e.g..) a- history religions \societies \ trends; b- jews chosen people \ their history \ their choice; c- me history \ learning\ orientation. 2. project aim (e.g..) Examine the above topics considering this statement: "Development is produced through an interdependence, of practice and principle." 3. project procedure (e.g.) Make a set up page; a- list topics of project; b- define aim of project; c- Set up a project procedure. d- then either proceed with project; or rewrite the Set Up Page.
Holicity To My, Best. I write to my best friend, the one who knows me best. Because we are always together, everything I do you know. You have stayed with me through the bad times, and it is you, my best friend, that celebrated with me, my best times. Where are you, best friend? I can not distinguish you, where are you? I want very much to give to you as much as you have given to me. Please help me to show, love for you. To help me now, is to Work together to form a reciprocity between us. You have developed your kindness and my dependency. Now can we develop our reciprocity? I admit I don't know how to respect you yet. But if you make yourself distinguished to me, Though I might be inadequate at first; as we live we learn! Wonderful, my Friend, my mouths pleasure. Forgive me from the beginning, and encourage me to give to you myself, in return for your secret, all encompassing self.
Holicity NeShaMaH [life breath] Aot, Makor, Aor, Milah. [sign, source, light, word] Shabbat [rest time] Ratson, Mahshavah, Yeitser, Hushim. [will, thought, inclination, senses] Mikdash [temple] Melekh, Kahal, Sar, Yohid. [king, community, prince, person] HaBrit [covenant] Hatan, Hupah, Etsbah, Calah. [groom, canopy, finger, bride] :Hit-Bo-De-Dut. [inquiry into self]
Holicity Days 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in hours: 21+3, 21+2, 21+1, 21+1, 21+2, 21+3, 6+21+3. Years 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 in days: 343+7*4, 343+7*2, 343+7*1, 343+7*1, 343+7*2, 343+7*4, 343+7*8. Years 7,14,21,28,35,42,49 in days: 343+7*8, 343+7*6 343+7*4, 343+7*4, 343+7*6, 343+7*8, 343+7*22. [343 = 7 x 7 x 7]
Holicity Song will Arise, Seeing of Eyes, To Assemble, Screening Symbol. To Assemble, Screening Symbol, The Scene of Set time, Miracle with Me. The Scene of Set time, Miracle with Me. The Scene of Set time, Miracle with Me. The Scene of Set time, Miracle with Me, To Assemble, Screening Symbol. To Assemble, Screening Symbol, Song will Arise, Seeing of Eyes.
Holicity They are found: "Foh HaYom": [Here Today] Devarim 5,3 [Deuteronomy] "Hishamer Lecha": [be yourself wary] Devarim 6,12 Beraishit 24,6 [Genisis] 31,24 31,29 Shemot 10,28 [Exodus] 34,12 Devarim 4,9 8,11 12,13 12,19 12,30 15,9 "L'chu V'Nelchah ": [Let's walk then we will be in procession] Yeshayahu 2,5 [Isiah] Shemuel 9,9 [Samuel] 11,14 "YeruShalayim Hal'luYah": [Jerusalem, praise the Lord Yah] Tehilim 35,21 [Psalms] Tehilim 116,19
Holicity Eight steps\ step1\ Haburah. May we merit Higher help. 1\ 10, 50, 100,1000. 2\ 7 miztvot Bnei Noach. 3\ 4 sides of Har HaBaYit 4\ international law. 5\ 3 festivals House of prayer, Chanukah. 6\ Sukkot. 7\ Eretz Yisrael, Torah, Shabbot, Shmittah. 8\ Yisrael, Yeru-shalayim, Malkhut. Step 1\ a\ A group of ten male Torah observant Jews should form a Haburah. The purpose of the Haburah is to help each other and their families to live stable Torah lives. b\ After learning to help each other, they should pool their energy to help non- Haburah, to live stable Torah lives and to help non- Haburah form a new- Haburah. Each Haburah should help and learn the way of the other Haburah. c\ Five Haburot should form a Hevrah. Five Haburot with five Haburot should form a Hevrah often Haburot. Ten Haburot with ninety Haburot to form a Hevrah of one hundred Haburot. Step 2\ a\ To clarify and organize mitzvot and halachot of Bnei Noach. b\ To publicize them appropriately. c\ To help Bnei Noach to keep them. Step 3 \ . a\ To make prayer groups on all four sides of Har HaBayit for fixed prayers. b\ To make a prayer circle of nine mitpalelim standing in a circle facing their center, to the place their baal tephilah should stand, from there, their center, the Baal Tephilah should face the mitpalelim surrounding Har HaBayit. c\ To make five prayer circles of four surrounding prayer circles, their baalei tephilot should face their one inner prayer circle. Ten prayer circles are nine surrounding one inner, their baal tephilah should face the mitpalelim surrounding Har HaBayit. Step 4\ a \ To help Bnei Noach keep a collective contact. b \ To clarify and organize a constitution to govern nations in accordance with hilchot Bnei Noach. Step 5\ a\ To make a Shalosh Regalim to Yeru-Shalayim. b\ To make a House of Prayer to surround Hat HaBayit. A structure high and large, allowing mitpalelim to face their center, allowing mitpalelim to behold the Makom HaMikdash and the mitpalelim surrounding Makom Yivhar. c\ To assemble leaders of Bnei Yisrael to Yeru-Shalayim for Chanukah time. The purpose of this assembly is to organize steps 6, 7 and 8. Step 6\ a\ To assemble leaders of Bnei Noach to Yeru-Shalayim for Sukkot time. The purpose of this assembly is to promote an international constitution and collective "contract in accordance with Hilchot Bnei Noach. Step 7\ a\ To settle Bnei Yisrael in Eretz Yisrael b\ To strengthen Torah In Bnei Yisrael. c\ To magnify Shabbot observance in Yisrael. d\ To establish Shmittat Eretz Yisrael. e\ To make practical the difficult Mitzvot. Step 8\ a\ To publicize grandly the Purpose of giving strength and honor to Yisrael, Yeru-Shalayaim and Malkhut deKedushah.
Holicity Presently Beware Together Holicity


Holicity Academy of Jerusalem - Guide Excellence. The Academy Of Jerusalem Is a cooperative guidance service. Today in the heart of Jerusalem the Academy of Jerusalem is researching, organizing and innovating an information system to serve as Guide Excellence. Built on the Foundation principle that Monotheism, Humanitarianism and Environmentalism are complementary to a whole system, the Academy of Jerusalem provides designer guidance to for the needs of individual, network and civilization as a whole. Facilitating this service is participating in the development of the information system. The participator presents the situation in need of guidance and there by provides the opportunity of reciprocity, for the information system to design the innovative bridge of diverse information, the participation is a contribution to the wholeness of the information system. Together Academy of Jerusalem and your Participation renew the whole system with Guide Excellence.
Holicity Glossary of hebrew terms: [in order of appearance] Yeru Shalayim [Jerusalem] Aleph Bet [alphabet] Torah [instruction in Judaism] Tachlit [purpose of] HaBria [creation] Yirah [awe] Shamayim [spiritual reality] Teshuva [responding to conscience] VAhavta LReacha Cmocha [loving another as oneself] Emunah [faith] HaShem [the divine cause of manifest reality] Moshiach [annointed] Tzidkeynu [our righteous one] Biat [becoming revealed] HaMoshiach [the annointed one] Tzaddikim [righteous ones] Samayach [joyful] dovenin [in prayer] mitzvah [commandment] Kotel [western wall of Jerusalems Temple mountain] Boruch [blessed be] NeShaMaH [life breath] Aot, Makor, Aor, Milah. [sign, source, light, word] Shabbat [rest time] Ratson, Mahshavah, Yeitser, Hushim. [will, thought, inclination, senses] Mikdash [temple] Melekh, Kahal, Sar, Yohid. [king, community, prince, person] HaBrit [covenant] Hatan, Hupah, Etsbah, Calah. [groom, canopy, finger, bride] Hit-Bo-De-Dut [inquiry into self] "Foh HaYom" [Here Today] "Hishamer Lecha" [be yourself wary] "L'chu V'Nelchah " [Let's walk then we will be in procession] "YeruShalayim Hal'luYah" [Jerusalem, praise the Lord of exultation] Devarim [Deuteronomy] Beraishit [Genisis] Shemot [Exodus] Yeshayahu [Isiah] Shemuel [Samuel] Tehilim [Psalms] Bnei [children of ] Noach [Noah, all humanity] Har HaBaYit [mountain of the House, of Prayer for all Nations] Chanukah [dedication of the temple festival] Sukkot [dwelling in booths festival] Eretz Yisrael [Land of Israel] Shmittah [year of debt release and agricultural fallow] Malkhut [kingdom of Holiness] Haburah [group of people] halachot [custom and law] mitpalelim [those in prayer] baal tephilah [leader in prayer] Shalosh Regalim [three festivals] Makom [place] Yivhar [chosen] deKedushah [of holiness]
Holicity By Yoseph lasky [collected in 1994 and published in a small booklet.] Holicity

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