Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Retreat ACEM - Australian College of Energetic Medicine
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage Retreat Fri 3rd - Sun 5th Dec 2004 Take yourself to a beach on Hawaii and imagine the warmth of the sun The gentle sound of wind in the trees The rhythmic motion of the water over your body Feel yourself breathe deeply and relax This is the experience of Heartworks Lomi Lomi - Hawaiian Massage. You can learn how to perform a Lomi Lomi massage at one of utrour live-in retreats while being massaged for an entire weekend! Characterised by long flowing strokes and rhythmical movements in time with the breath, Heartworks Lomi Lomi is a beautiful and soothing massage which is easy to learn. The Hawaiians believe that an open hand is a sign of an open heart. The open palmed style of Heartworks Lomi Lomi and its meditative approach create an atmosphere of love and appreciation described as the Aloha spirit. This encourages healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, allowing your clients to relax deeply, release emotional blocks and heal their lives. Heartworks Lomi Lomi helps drain the lymphatic system, encourages blood and oxygen flow to all parts of the body and always leaves people with a huge smile on their face! Practitioner training creates a supportive environment where you can connect with the Aloha spirit, bringing its essence into your personal and daily life When: Fri 3rd - Sun 5th Dec Time: 6.30 pm Fri - 5.30pm Sun Where: Merricks Conference Centre - Mornington Peninsula 3670 Frankston-Flinders Rd, Merricks Contact: T: 03 9576 0426 F: 03 9576 0566 2c Willis St, Armadale VIC 3143 Investment: $550 Early Bird inc GST (if paid in full 7 days before the course, otherwise $595) $495 (ea) if you come with a friend! All meals are provided and are mostly organic: accommodation, manual and certificate included. Aloha! What people say about Heartworks Lomi Lomi One of the most rewarding, enlightening, fun and warm experiences. Aloha Mahalo! Polly - Financial Controller Loving, Professional, well taught, Extremely beneficial. Love the massage! Nettya - Massage therapist This was an amazing weekend. I loved every moment. Thankyou so much Gez - Event Coordinator Contact: T: 03 9576 0426 F: 03 9576 0566 2c Willis St, Armadale VIC 3143

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