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A psychological Thriller

By Valerie Kirwan. Indra Publishing

"...There can be little truth in what Henry describes: his fantasies and accusations, his absurd architectural ambitions...He emerges from the white room, from the exotic tableaus of the brothel chambers and makes his final vertiginous ascent above the bleak landscape that surrounds the darkest house of secrets. Valerie Kirwan adds her own unique refinements to the modern Gothic fantasy novel, taking the genre into some highly entertaining new territory. The result is... part metaphysical thriller, part psychological conundrum... all told with a sly black humour that... never quite reveals its hand... But don't try to second guess this sneaky author before the end. The only thing you can be sure of is that you will be entertained - and surprised."

John Jenkins. Author of DARK RIVER and A BREAK IN THE WEATHER. Winner of The James Joyce Short Story Prize.

"In this story Valerie Kirwan puts popular wisdom and our concepts of time on its head. As Arb Ginghus says, "If there is one thing I despise it is common sense for it will teach you nothing that is worth knowing; it is the obscure, the impractical, the impulsive which tells you what is what."
"Common sense" as Kirwan presents it, is no more than a bizarre combination of beliefs, religion, magic and prejudices masquerading as the norm. Arb says, "Take Henry for instance, as senseless as Nature itself." Is Henry a fool or is it Arb's perception of Henry that is ultimately flawed?
Henry's madness enables him to live past, present and future. Kirwan's mordant wit takes us on a journey where recollection and perception become confused, ironically echoing our own lives. You may feel strangely disturbed or you may laugh.
A beautifully crafted, disarming novel. Kirwan's enticing deadly observation will keep you guessing."

Jan Crosby - The Hornets Nest.

"TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE" is a fabulous tale, a mastery of menace in which the author weaves her web while you're not looking. Kirwan drops clues like jewels but they never land where you might think. Through the fool and his manipulator, this master of conjure skilfully dissects the modern disease of ennui. Her fool takes us to unimagined places of manipulation and despair. "TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE" is an enticing tale - a marvellous foray into madness."

Penelope Sell. Varuna Award Winner And Author Of "A Secret Burial"

"I had not read any fiction for about 15 years and then I read TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE. The book re-introduced me to the wonder and joy of reading fiction again and I have rediscovered the world of truly engaging literature."

Rita Bottomley - Fun Actually

"TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE encouraged me to read an intriguing novel which I normally wouldn't pursue. I found myself on an emotional journey with twists and turns so skilfully created that it chilled my blood."

Pamela Bird - Vision Circle 5

THE DISEASE OF THE SILKWORM - "Enthralling and mystifying"

Michael Dunhill - Transglobal

THE DISEASE OF THE SILKWORM - "This book took me on an unusual journey heading toward an unexpected dark twist. I felt I was part of the life of the characters whereby I was burrowing into their lives through the back door."

Kristin Diemer - Life Images

"I loved TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE, an engaging and concise work with vivid images and great insights. It made me want to read all of Valerie Kirwan's books."

Tanya Lockyer - Inspyre

"Reading THE DISEASE OF THE SILKWORM enriched my life. It was hard to put down as I kept wanting to go back to the sensual and imaginative images it evoked. The story touched me such that I would walk out into the world and see these images in the faces and stories of the people I would pass by. A wonderful experience."

Raynard Harris - Access Potential

"If you want to explore life lived on the edge, then see, read or buy anything written by Valerie Kirwan. This talented author is something of a legend. She writes novels & short stories which challenge, fascinate & intrigue."

Marcus Elliott - The Hornets Nest Literary Group

"I glanced at the first page of LOVERS AND LOSERS OF THE LAST CENTURY .I was instantly hooked & soon totally immersed in an erotic, frightening, but fascinating world of friendship, love and deception. Nothing got done until I devoured the last word of this book."

Penny White - Inspiring Women - Online Magazine.

Reading THE DISEASE OF THE SILKWORM enriched my life. I could not put down this concisely written novel with its vivid images. The story touched my "inner world" to such an extent that I was inspired to create images of my own.

Tammy Jacoby - Vision Circle 5.

"Valerie Kirwan is a unique and quirky writer. TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE is full of passion, intrigue and mystery."

Dr. Ian Bennett - The Collegiate

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