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Biography - Valerie Kirwan

Valerie Kirwan is a full - time writer of novels, plays and short stories.

Valerie has studied English Literature at Melbourne University, has also had many forgettable jobs including teaching English and Drama and also working in a local nursing home which was the basis for her novel - THE MOON IS BLOODSHOT, (Hornet's Nest Publishing) - a work which has been described as "dark and impudent".

In 1974 she began writing, directing and performing in her own plays. Fourteen of her plays have been staged at various venues including La Mama Theatre, Carlton Courthouse, The Botanical Gardens, St Martin's Theatre, LaTrobe University, Anthill Theatre etc.

Valerie's first novel, THE WILL TO FALL was published by Penguin Books in 1984 and made it onto the 12 top best selling list in the same year.

Valerie's short stories have appeared in various Australian Anthologies. LOVERS AND LOSERS OF THE LAST CENTURY (a collection of 4 novellas published by Indra Publishing) was nominated for the Victorian Premier's Award 2003.

Valerie's new novel, (which is her 6th published book) TAKING A FOOL TO PARADISE, a psychological thriller, was launched by Indra Publishing in December 2004. The novel is based loosely on her play, THE ART OF LOBSTER WHISTLING which she wrote and directed as La Mama Theatre's first Playwright - In - Residence.

Valerie has received three literary awards and has been mainly influenced by French writers / artists or writers who have lived in France such as Samuel Beckett and the Dadaists. Although Valerie has been described as a Dadaist playwright, her novels are more linear in structure than her plays.

Valeries latest book is to be nominated for The Victorian Premier's Awards 2005.

Valerie Kirwan has authored:
  • The Will To Fall - Penguin Books
  • Wandering - Neptune Press
  • The Moon Is Bloodshot - Hornets Nest Publishing
  • The Disease Of The Silkworm - Hornets Nest Publishing
  • Lovers And Losers Of The Last Century - Indra Publishing
  • Taking A Fool To Paradise - Indra Publishing

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