Bananas In Pyjamas

This is something I struggle with.
I feel I have little influence over others.
And yet I donít want influence.
Iím no salesman.
Iím not into Powerpoint Presentations.
Yet I have desires and visions for a better world.
How does transformation happen?
Does it begin with one person influencing others
(who in turn influence others, who in turn influence others)
like a chain reaction?
Or does it begin somewhere else, external? Or internal? Or both?
Must it be a frustratingly slow, organic evolution,
or are we all thinking the same thoughts already?
Are you thinking what Iím thinking, B2?
Is someone needed to take fearless action or speak their mind?
Could transformation be THAT simple?
Might it be a hysterically funny moment?
Who will be first?
I wonít go first.
I have no influence.

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