One World Network -

Imagine the way you want it to be...
Then move into it NOW...
Fully FOCUS and be consistent with the vision.
BE World Peace

The One World Network (OWN) is dedicated to the principles of unity and shared stewardship of the earth.

Susan Carew or Peacefull/fool, the Principle of OWN is a Graduate in Peace Studies (2002) from La Trobe University, Melbourne in Australia. Susan has an Economics and Marketing degree and has had extensive experience in market research.

Susan has conducted research into the areas of: peace, nonviolence and laughter in relation to conflict resolution, anti-bullying and world peace.

Susan (Peacefull) has entertained the public as a World Peace Clown in hospitals and public spaces for approximately 4 years. The purpose of clowning is to bring laughter, healing and joy to create a sense of unity between people. Clowning also facilitates personal development in respect of learning unconditional love and self confidence.

In 2002, Susan was invited by the American Clown Doctor, Dr. Patch Adams to clown in Russia with an international team of clowns. The clowns visited orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, shopping centres and were a visible presence on the streets Moscow and Saint Petersburg. The purpose of clowning in this context was to create connection, joy and unity between people. The experience reinforced change through action. To create something you have to 'be' it or lead by example, as Gandhi stated:

‘To be the Change You Want to See in the World ’.
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